Digital Billboard Advertising
On Any Budget

No Contracts. Pay as You Go.

How It Works

Create Your Ads

You can upload your own creative or quickly create a text-based ad using our supplied templates.

Say When & Where

Pick your billboard locations and schedule which days and times your ads are eligible to be shown.

Set a Budget

Any budget is fair game. Just set a daily budget and indicate what you’re willing to pay each time your ad is shown.

Questions? (801) 692-3217

Questions? (801) 692-3217

How People Use Blip®


Schedule your ads to run close to meal times. Show a different ad for each day of the week to highlight daily specials.


Show ads based on room availability. Highlight your specials.


Schedule your ads only to run leading up to your event. Avoid wasting money after the event ends.


Attract employees like the big companies do,
but on a budget that fits your business.

Night Life

Promote your nighttime radio show or night club only during the nighttime hours.


Run your ads on
the days or hours
leading up to performances.


Automatically promote flights with vacant seats.

Sporting Events

Draw bigger crowds by advertising on the days leading up to home games.

Car Services

Configure your ads to display
when you have open bays.

Questions? (801) 692-3217

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Questions? (801) 692-3217