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Whether your brand is just getting off the ground or well established, Blip opens a whole new way to get in front of customers.

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You pay per display, so you’re in charge of your advertising costs. Set a budget that works for you and adjust it at anytime.


Reach your target audience with our nationwide network of over 1,200 digital billboards. Pick from 15+ Arizona boards or go even further. The choice is yours.

Some people may say that billboards are outdated, too expensive, and don't allow you to fine-tune your demographic. Being a digital marketing agency, you would think we would agree, but with the power of viral social media trends and the affordability of Blip we were able to reach over 5 Million+ Online Impressions with a $100 Blip Campaign Budget!

Brennan SmithPartner at Flying V Group

Adding Billboards To Your Marketing

Gets You Noticed In Big Ways


of people notice billboards

1 in 3

Google the business on the billboard


of billboard viewers talk about the billboard ad or its product with someone else

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