Diverse Marketing Brings Greater Brand Recognition

Solution Stream Lands 2 New Customers That Hadn’t Heard Of Them

Solution Stream used billboards, social media, events, and LinkedIn to grow their brand awareness. Cameo, Director of Operations, said that “billboards were one of those thing I saw big companies have. I know who a company is because they have big billboards with large budgets…Blip made it so we can play the game on our budget.”

  • 2 verifiable customers from billboards
  • Over 1.6 million estimated impressions
  • 172,937 Blips

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Case Study Blip Billboards

Blip Gives Sign Owners and Advertisers What They Need

Blip’s marketplace lets every organization advertise on billboards, regardless of budget. At the same time, Blip increases revenue and lowers costs for sign operators.

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