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Why Billboards Are Still Relevant

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Why Billboards Are Still Relevant

Despite the advent of SEO, Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram marketing, billboard advertising continues to be a powerful channel that yields brand growth and long-term ROI. This is due to low costs, high exposure, and controllable budgets. When done properly, billboards are an important part of a holistic marketing approach.

A Steady Marketing Channel

Advertising costs continue to rise across many digital platforms. Take Facebook for example. Only a few years ago it was possible to get engagements for half the cost of what’s possible today. The increased competition and sheer volume of people advertising on the platform have caused this increase, and Facebook as a platform is not alone. Billboards, on the other hand, have maintained their cost structure and in some places have actually been able to lower their costs due to increases in technology and deliverability. Digital billboards, for example, can have far less design, print, and general creative costs associated with them compared to traditional billboards.

Broad Exposure

As the number of people stuck in traffic increases, so does the exposure of billboards. Take for example the city of Los Angeles, California. Nearly 500,000 people commute to work every day. When you consider the average commute time in there being 50 minutes, that’s a lot of people stuck in their cars each day! In San Francisco, there are actually over 100,000 people each day who are commuting in their cars one way for at least 90 minutes! While big cities definitely have large numbers of commuters with long commutes, even small- to mid-size cities have huge opportunities to get in front of their potential customers with branded messaging.

As a small business owner or marketer, maximizing your budget is critical to achieving your ultimate marketing objectives. Like many other types of advertising platforms, billboards can be optimized, targetted, and dynamic. With Blip, you choose the daily budget and the duration of your billboard campaign. You are able to choose between time slots of either peak times, off-peak times, or a combination of both. You only pay for ads when they are displayed. Having this transparency is essential when choosing any type of marketing channel, and billboards are no exception.

Exposure Effect

Meet Evolving Customer Needs

The most important factor regarding why billboards are still relevant is how the marketing funnel continues to change and the need for multiple customer touchpoints increases. Long gone are the days when a potential customer watched a tv commercial, saw an ad in a magazine, then went into a brick and mortar store to complete a purchase. It’s far more complex now. Due in large part to advances in technology, customers have become far more savvy and researched-based. It isn’t uncommon for a customer to perform extensive research on a product or service before purchasing to make sure it’s the right solution for them. They may google the brand and its related keywords, they may read reviews on your product or company as a whole, etc. It’s a thorough process, to say the least. The more ways you’re brand can get out there in a cost-effective manner, the more likely you are to build brand trust and customer loyalty over time. The big caveat here is you putting your brand message out there in the right places, in the right ways, and at the right times. Billboards reach people from so many different walks of life and with so many interests, it’s a fantastic way to get simple messaging out to broad audiences to increase your brands exposure.