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Having Fun With Billboards

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Having Fun With Billboards

Now that we’ve covered best practices and related principles for your billboards ad copy and images, it’s time to go over more general advertising design principles. Consider these and how they may fit with your particular brand.

Take Advantage of Your Enviroment

The surroundings of your billboard can often help play into the story you’re telling on your actual billboard. When this is done well, not only is it something that should grab people’s attention but it also increases your billboards real estate into your surroundings.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind before going this route. First, make sure the surrounding you’re building your billboard design around isn’t likely to change in the near future. While things will change and you won’t be in control, choosing this strategy with lots of construction around isn’t going to work all that well since you’ll have to change up the creative once the buildings are finished in the near future.

Be Funny

With limited space to tell your story, effectively using that real estate to help people laugh can do wonders for your brand. When using humor, you’re giving your message a better chance to stick with your customers. It also shows people the human side of your business, which can have a number of additional benefits that are hard to measure but good for your overall brand perception.

funny billboard

Use Puns

Speaking of being funny, a solid route to go is to use simple puns. Even if you personally aren’t a huge fan of puns, they’re a quick and effective way to get your message across – which is perfect for a billboard.

What are puns exactly? A pun is defined as a joke exploiting the different possible meanings of a word or the fact that there are words which sound alike but actually have different meanings.

Take for example this billboard for Kafe Neo. The use of the phrase “Holy Crepe!” obviously makes you think about its potential alternative meaning, catching your attention and – depending on your level of seriousness – making potential customers laugh as they drive down the road

Animals are Cute

It’s hard to deny that people love animals. In fact, it’s not hard to make the argument that people love animals maybe a little too much! Why not take advantage of this universal love of puppies, kittens, and other small furry creatures and apply it to your billboard creative?

Check out this example from Hush Puppies. With a name like that, they’ve been able to build a concept around a pun with their shoes and a cute dog.

animals billboards

Get Outside the Box

Don’t be afraid to try something new. The better chance you’re billboard has of being seen, recognized, and understood gives you and your billboard strategy a successful channel to continue to build your brand. Like everything else in marketing, don’t be afraid to test new concepts and measure their performance to see if it’s worth expanding those creative ideas going forward.