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Your Brand’s Creative Assets

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Your Brand’s Creative Assets

As you’re thinking through initial billboard design concepts, it’s important to have at your disposal your brand’s creative assets. These assets are important as you look to keep brand consistency as well as speed up your overall design process. Having these assets readily at your fingertips makes the process a lot smoother and can help get the creative juices flowing.

Your brands creative assets include but are not limited to your logo/s, tagline (content and design), primary and secondary colors, font type/s, and any other images used for particular products or services.


It’s important to have all the variations of your logo at your fingertips so you’ll be able to fit whatever works best inside your finished design.

Often times, brands will have their logos in at least 2 separate layouts – 1 that is square, and another that is horizontal. That way, depending on the space provided, you are able to seamlessly include your logo in your creative design if/where needed.

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A tagline is defined as a short catchphrase used by a business or brand to summarize its mission and the products/services it offers. It’s important that these are catchy and clever to help distinguish a particular brand from others. Like with other aspects of your marketing, the goal here is to be memorable.

Even if you decide not to use your tagline in your billboard, it’s important to have one and use it in your marketing materials if/when appropriate.


billboard creative. Specifically, having the exact color codes handy is even more important, as that will save you a lot of time not having to go back and find those codes the hard way.

Of course, in your billboard you’ll want to use colors other than ones associated with your brand as well to give it contrast/variety. But in order to make sure the entire creative strategy fits together, it’s helpful to have those close by to match, compare, and make sure the overall strategy fits inside the scope of your brand and is aesthetically pleasing.


Font Type

Do you have your logo and main brand-related visuals font type saved? If not, it’s time to make sure that’s recorded. Using the same font as you have on your website headers or other marketing materials, depending on the header type, can be a great way to create a seamless brand experience and help people remember you.

Other Images

If you’ve already used certain images in your other marketing materials, it’s important to have those saved as well to re-use and/or modify if/when necessary.

If you’re looking for new images to add to your assets, a great place to search is They offer a number of high-quality images for free that you’re able to use in your marketing efforts. The great thing about Unsplash, when comparing it to other stock image sites (other than it being free) is the higher-end design that these images provide. The quality and creativity throughout the site’s images are the best out there currently.

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