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Understanding Blip Analytics

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Understanding Blip Analytics

Diving Deep: Blip Analytics

You’re ready to launch your client’s campaign.

This article is going to cover how to read your campaign analytics and how to run and read the campaign reports (i.e. invoices, proof of performance, and campaign spend report).

Let’s start with campaign analytics:  

You can monitor the performance of your campaigns by viewing your analytics.

**Keep in mind that all analytics are ALL TIME analytics, meaning that the numbers shown represent how your campaign has performed since the campaign began. You can run a proof of performance report if you would like to see information about your campaign with specific date ranges**

On the front of your campaign card, you will find some basic information such as:

  1. Total Spend, how much your campaign has spent so far

  2. Total Blips, how many times your ad has displayed so far

  3. Total Blips this week, how many times your ad has displayed this week so far

  4. Total Blips yesterday, how many times your ad displayed yesterday

Blip Analytics

Click “See All Analytics” for more detailed information

blip analytics

 The first four graphs show the Blips you have received at different times. Here is a breakdown of the information you receive on each graph:

  1. The Monthly Blip Totals, see the Total Blips you have received each month over the past year.

  2. The Daily Blip Totals, see how many Blips you have received each day. This graph will show each day for the past month

  3. Hourly Blip Totals, see the times of day your Blips have displayed since your campaign began.

  4. Hourly Blips Yesterday, see the times of day your Blips displayed yesterday.

blip analytics

 When you scroll down you can find more specific analytics. Here is the breakdown:

  1. Blips to Date, see how many Blips you have received since your campaign began (the date ranges of your campaign are also listed below)

  2. Average Cost Per Blip, see how much it costs on average each time your ad displays for 8 seconds on a billboard

  3. Average Daily Spend, see how much you spend on average each day

  4. Total Impressions, see an estimated number of people who have seen your ad since your campaign began (we receive this information from the sign owners)

  5. Average Blips per board, see how many Blips you receive on average on each of the billboards on your campaign.

  6. Impressions per dollar, see how many people on average see your ad for each dollar that you spend.

blip analytics

Scroll down further and you can see a breakdown of the performance of your ads per billboard location, this will show details about each sign your campaign has ever displayed on since your campaign began. If you remove a sign from your campaign but continue running the campaign on other locations, the data about the removed signs will still appear on these analytics. Here is the breakdown:

  1. The sign name

  2. Facing, see which direction the billboard faces

  3. Location, see where the billboard is located

  4. Blips, see the total Blips received on that board

  5. Estimated Impressions, see how many people have seen your ad on that billboard

  6. Spent, see how much has been spent advertising on that sign

  7. Impressions per dollar, see how many people have seen your ad on that sign for each dollar spent

blip analytics