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Make Your Artwork Effective

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Make Your Artwork Effective

Understanding Facebook Ads Manager will help you understand how you can use it to build awareness of your brand through promotions and advertising. Below is a breakdown of the Ads Manager dashboard and some important metrics to keep track of in your brand building campaigns.

Your Ads Manager account is created when you create a Business Manager account. Ads Manager is where you can view and create all your Facebook campaigns and results. You can also create ads, manage ads, and measure results.

Create a Memorable Brand

In our “What is Broadcast Advertising” module, you learned that broadcast advertising is all about brand-building. The way a brand looks and presents itself is the most important thing for a branding campaign.

A great design helps you build brand awareness by strategically connecting your brand with your message. The images, colors, and fonts on your design should be cohesive to your brand and not distract from your message. When you think of a memorable brand, you remember what it looks like. Creating a memorable brand is the key to your success in advertising your business.

Effective artwork on a billboard allows viewers to recognize and recall a client’s brand in just 2 to 3 seconds. That’s why it’s so important to create impactful and memorable billboard designs.

Follow these guidelines to make a billboard design that sticks.

Be Clear and Concise 

The content on the board will only be visible for a few seconds at a time. A good billboard design communicates an idea or brand message without a lot of words. Most drivers only notice five to seven words at a time. Now isn’t the time to be “long-winded”.

Be Bold

Drivers don’t have the longest attention spans while on the road. Capture their attention with large, bold fonts. Leave the script fonts for Pinterest and other social media ads. The message should take up at least ¼ of the entire ad design. You want the brand message or image to be the main focus because that is what the drivers will remember.

Bright colors and an overall cohesive and appealing color scheme will help, too. Remember, your ads need to stand out above the rest. Make sure ads are easier to read with a high level of contrast between text and the background of the ad.

Use Correct Ad Size(s) 

Each billboard has specific dimensions. Be sure to create the client’s artwork in the right size.

The ads you submit for clients must match the pixel dimensions of the billboards they will appear on. A condensed or stretched out ad will not look good and could attract negative attention. Blip approves/disapproves of all ads so we try to catch any image quality issues before they are approved by the sign owner.

Follow Blip’s Content Rules 

All content is reviewed before it is eligible to appear on any billboard.  Your ad may be approved or rejected for any reason. Artwork will only be approved if it meets the following criteria:


  • No nudity, profanity, graphic violence, hate speech, or personal attacks.

  • No advertising for illegal goods or services.

  • No statements that are verifiably false or needlessly inflammatory

  • The identity of the advertiser must be discernible.

  • Ad must be for something, rather than against something.

  • All political ads must have clear and legible “Paid for by…” statement

    • All campaigns must be for a cause or candidate

    • No negative or potentially controversial ads will be accepted.

  • All text must be legible, remember to BE BOLD.

Blip cares about you and your client’s success. Artwork is a great opportunity to stand out and be successful when executed correctly. If your client needs assistance with artwork, Blip offers a design service for $75. 


Each sign owner is different, but here are a few elements of a design that we have seen sign owners reject.

  • Avoid Pure White Backgrounds. Most sign owners approve pure white backgrounds, but some do not. Most clients will have a brand color scheme, so use brand colors for the ad.

  • Script and cursive fonts do get approved but can be hard to read. Make sure the font is legible.

  • Footnotes, disclaimers, and fine print are required for political ads to be approved, but if a footnote or disclaimer is not necessary for your brand design, leave it out.

Artwork Suggestions (OK, BEST, NO WAY) 

We compiled some artwork to help you and your clients distinguish between “ok” artwork, the “best” artwork, and artwork that we do not recommend submitting (no way).

BEST Ad Design: 

Blip Billboard examples

This is a great design because it is not busy, but incorporates many bold elements to create a clear message. The logo is large and stands out with a green backdrop. The website in white contrasts well against the black background. The tire and truck are great additions as well.

Blip Billboard example

This ad is eye-catching with a fresh, modern brand aesthetic. It also effectively markets the season pass promotion, and it creates powerful visual interest.

Blip Billboard Example

The call to action is clear and the ad has powerful branding. When you look at this ad, you know it’s an ad for outdoor recreation.

Blip Billboard Example

Although this ad contains a script font, it is easy to read and the branding is simple, yet professional. The design of this ad is clean and matches the service advertised. The most compelling part of the ad, the promotion, is emphasized with the white circle. Overall, this is a professional and effective design.

Blip Billboard example

This ad succeeds because it plays with boldness and dimension. The website is large and clear to read. The product, the brush, takes up a majority of the ad. The other copy is bold and cheeky to capture attention, but it also shows the function of the product. The design of this ad is cohesive in branding.

OK Ad Design: 

Blip Billboards Example

This design is simple, clean, and clear to read, but it is not the boldest or most exciting design. A website might be better to recall than an Instagram reminder, but overall this ad evokes the brand’s main message.

Blip Billboards example

This design has clear messaging and is not cluttered, but the script font may be difficult to read and the wedding dress might be hard to see.

Blip Billboard examples

This is a cute design and would most likely get approved, but the Facebook logo and address could be hard to read. This ad only really needs the website and a company name.

blip billboards example

Bold colors and a call to action make this ad effective, but it could be hard to understand the name of the business advertising their credit consultations. It is unclear who is running the ad.

Blip Billboards Example
A simple and nicely designed ad, but it is not the most exciting or compelling design. This company could have a stronger vision of what their brand is.


Blip Billboard

Although the colors are bold, this ad is far too busy. The red, yellow, and purple clash and make the fonts and messaging hard to read.

bad billboard example

The main issue with this ad is that it’s unclear who the ad is for. The sun flair in the middle makes it difficult to read. The black elements of the design are busy and make the ad look messy.

bad billboard example

The multi-colored script font is hard to read, and the colors class. It’s too difficult to tell what this ad is promoting.

bad billboard example

This ad is smashed/condensed and doesn’t provide enough compelling information or clear branding.