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How much does it cost to Advertise with Blip?

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How much does Blip cost?

The amount a client spends on their billboard campaign is completely up to them! For more information on optimizing your client’s budget for their campaigns, refer to the next module: How to Optimize Your Campaign. We highly recommend for all agencies to discuss a budget with their clients and decide what fits best into their marketing plan. Unsure of how much to spend? New advertisers usually spend 5-20% of their total marketing budget on brand awareness advertising, like billboards, but more experienced advertisers may spend 20-60% or more.

As a marketing expert, help your clients understand the importance of brand building and guide them to choose a budget that best fits their goals and key performance indicators. Refer to our articles for ideas on how billboard fit in with other advertising mediums you’re already offering to clients:

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  • What is Broadcast Advertising?

You will set a maximum daily budget for each of your client’s campaigns. This can be as little as $1/day, although most of our advertisers start to see results when they spend at least $5 per billboard per day. Think about pay-per-click advertising. Blip is a “pay-per-display” model so your client’s budget will only spend when their ad is shown on a billboard. There are no startup fees or campaign minimums.

Once you’ve set your client’s max daily budget, you can choose exactly which hours their board will display. More popular hours (such as rush hour) are more expensive. You can set a maximum (Max-Per-Blip) amount you are willing to spend for each Blip (8-second display of your client’s ad). This way your client will never pay more than they’re comfortable for a single blip.

On average each Blip is $0.10, so $1 will usually yield around 10 Blips. Blips received depends on three factors: location, timing, and availability. The daily budget is used across all of the boards you select for your campaign so it’s important to plan accordingly. A smaller budget stretched across a lot of boards might have lower results compared to the same budget spread across fewer boards. You can also optimize the daily budget, whether big or small, with a daily schedule to achieve the best results.

To estimate the number of displays you can get with your marketing budget, check out our Blip Cost Estimator.