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How does Blip work?

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How does Blip Work?

Digital billboard operators divide the time on their boards into multiple slots (usually 8) and they sell these slots on their digital billboards to separate advertisers.

The board cycles through the slots, playing through each advertiser’s ad one by one, for a specific number of seconds (usually 7.5 – 10) and then repeats.

Blip contracts with the sign owner, and then open up the slots we have received to you, our online marketplace. When you set up a campaign on Blip, we get you as many rotations on our slots possible based on your daily budget settings. You will learn more about optimizing campaigns and getting the most out of your campaigns, but the graphic below shows a little overview of the space given to our advertisers.

The two Blip branded signs represent the spots given to our advertisers. The other ads are the contracted ads working with sign owners, not Blip.

how Blip Billboard work