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What is Broadcast Advertising?

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What is Broadcast Advertising?

Broadcast advertising is the advertising of services or products that uses out-of-home mediums to reach broad audiences: i.e. T.V., Radio, Billboards, etc. Billboards are a type of broadcast advertising like TV or radio. Normally, getting a TV spot, a radio ad, or a billboard ad is expensive and perhaps unattainable for small- and medium-sized businesses. With Blip, billboards are now accessible, targeted, and flexible. They are an option for businesses that have only ever been able to afford digital advertising in a saturated digital ad market.

In the age of digital advertising, small- and medium-sized businesses use  Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads to drive results and ROI, but digital advertising alone can only go so far. Adding billboards to your existing marketing is an effective way to see an uplift in results and create brand awareness. It’s important to create a diverse marketing mix to effectively advertise your brand, get recognition, and build brand awareness. Blip builds brand exposure when and where they want it in a low-cost and budget-friendly way.

“By using OOH advertising, Customer Loyalty was found to have improved by 275% – with online search uplift of 80%, Social Media 56%, and other Online Activity 31%. – IPA Databank case studies 2004-2016.”

Let’s start with a sales funnel to visualize how billboards will lift your brand. Too often the focus is at the bottom of the funnel (online/digital ads-only)  and the top of the funnel (broadcast advertising/branding) is forgotten or not prioritized. This makes sense because results, conversions, and ROI are what your clients care about, but the top of the funnel directly impacts results by feeding conversions to the bottom. Broadcast advertising, especially billboards, makes the top of the funnel wider, larger, and broader, and when used correctly, will ultimately lead to more potential customers.

Blip Billboard funnel

A good way to visualize this is to think about a plumber. You don’t need a plumber every day so you wouldn’t respond to an ad that you saw on social media advertising a plumber’s services.  But when you do need a plumber, and you need one right now, you don’t have time to research. Instead, you think of the brand you can most easily remember. How do you make a brand memorable? By adding broadcast advertising.

Some people only consider broadcast advertising when they need to “shout” at their customers, but don’t consider it as a long-term strategy. Billboards amplify your brand’s message, but not just as a one-time “shout”. While short-term campaigns can be effective for some advertisers, billboards can and should be used as a long-term strategy. When added to existing targeted ads and SEO, your message becomes part of a consistent message for customers to see at different touchpoints in their journey. Consistent broad exposure leads to familiarity and trust with your audience.

For example, think of Chick-fil-a or Coca Cola. You see their branding everywhere, most likely daily on your commute or while running errands. You are more likely to remember them and buy from them when you need to eat more chicken or share a coke.

Research has shown that adding out-of-home boosts the effectiveness of your different advertising channels. On average, online search sees an 80% uplift and social media sees a 56% uplift. That’s why it’s so important to not just focus on the bottom line but to broaden your bottom line.

Out of home ad boost numbers

Using Blip will help maximize the budget, reach, and results of your clients’ campaigns. They will get access to optimized, targeted, and dynamic billboards for their businesses without the contracts or expenses of traditional broadcast advertising.