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Facebook Ads Manager

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Facebook Ads Manager

Understanding Facebook Ads Manager will help you understand how you can use it to build awareness of your brand through promotions and advertising. Below is a breakdown of the Ads Manager dashboard and some important metrics to keep track of in your brand building campaigns.

Your Ads Manager account is created when you create a Business Manager account. Ads Manager is where you can view and create all your Facebook campaigns and results. You can also create ads, manage ads, and measure results.

Account Overview

FB Ads Manager

The account overview shows a summary of your ad account activity over the entire lifespan of your campaign. You can also view a breakdown of amount spent, audience demographics, and reach (by hour and by location).


Facebook Cmpaigns

View and manage campaigns in the Campaigns tab. You will set different marketing objectives for campaigns when you first create one. You can choose the following objectives and their corresponding sub-objectives:

  • Awareness

  • Consideration

  • Conversion

Facebook Manager

For all Campaigns In this tab, you can do the following:

  • Create a new campaign

  • Duplicate existing campaigns

  • Edit and update your campaign names and spend

  • View insights and analytics on campaign performance

  • Export and share campaign reports

  • View customized columns and breakdowns of campaign results

Ad Set

Ad sets

View and manage ad sets for your campaigns. Ad sets are groupings of one or more ads that target certain audiences that you are targeting with your ads. All ad sets should target unique audiences to avoid overlap and overspending on the same audiences.  In the Ad Sets tab, you can do the following:

  • Create new ad sets for existing campaigns.

  • Duplicate ad sets in campaigns

  • Edit ad set name, placement, budget, schedule and targeting

  • View insights and metrics on how the ad set/audience is performing

  • View columns and breakdowns of ad set performance by gender, age, placement, and device

  • Export and share ad set reports


Just like all ad sets are contained under campaigns, all ads are contained under ad sets. In the Ads tab, you view and manage your ads. You can also:

  • Create new ads for existing ad sets

  • Duplicate ads

  • Upload, edit, and update ad creative

  • View insights and metrics on ad performance

  • Export and share ad reports

  • Preview your ad across Facebook and Instagram placements

  • View columns and breakdowns of ad performance by gender, age, placement, and device

Now that you’ve learned the basic breakdown of Ads Manager and how it’s set up, here are some metrics that you should focus on in your brand awareness campaigns.

Brand Awareness Metrics

Brand Awareness Metric

Note: All metrics can be found by customizing columns for your campaigns. If you would like to breakdown results by Facebook and Instagram separately, you can do that in the Breakdown column in Ads Manager. All results shown are a total combined number from both Facebook and Instagram.

  • Estimated ad recall lift (people): The estimated ad recall lift (people) metric is the estimated number of people likely to remember your ad within two days. This is purely an estimate. To find Estimated ad recall lift (people):

    • Select the Brand Awareness Campaign you want to see metrics for

    • Select Columns and then Customize Columns in the dropdown menu

    • Search for the metrics and click Apply

  • Cost per estimated ad recall lift (people): The average cost for each estimated ad recall lift. This metric is only available in Brand Awareness Campaigns, Page post engagement campaigns, and Video Views campaigns.

    • Calculated as the total amount spent divided by estimated ad recall lift (people)

  • Reach: The number of people your campaign reached.

  • Frequency: The number of times people saw your ad.

  • Video Engagement (if using video): The number of post clicks, likes, comments, and shares a video ad receives.

  • Link Clicks: This metric counts any link clicks on any area of an ad that links to a destination or experience on or off Facebook.

    • Link clinks help you measure interest your target audience may have in the ad shown to them. Are people clicking on your ad and making it to your brand page or website? You can compare results and look at your analytics funnels to determine the effectiveness of your ads.

  • Cost Per Click: The average cost for each link click. Calculated by taking the total amount spent in your campaign and dividing by the total number of link clicks.

  • Engagement: How relevant are your ads or posts to your target audience.

    • Engagement counts as reactions, likes, comments, and shares on your posts and ads. The more interaction you have the better you are able to determine ad relevance to your audience.

  • Impressions: How often your ads were on screen for your target audience.

  • Conversions: An action that a person takes on your website (page view, product view, add to cart, checking out, registering for a newsletter, purchase)

    • Must be tracked using a Facebook Pixel on your website. Best results are seen when used in Conversion campaigns.