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Instagram Analytics

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Instagram Analytics

Instagram analytics helps marketers understand the performance of their posts and account. Using Instagram analytics helps marketers improve their social media strategy by giving insight into how their different posts perform.

Instagram analytics can be broken down into two parts: Instagram analytics and Instagram metrics.

Examples of Instagram Metrics

  • Follower Growth

  • Website Traffic

  • Engagement Per Follower

  • Link Clicks

  • Comments Per Post

  • Instagram Story Engagement

  • Reach

Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights is the hub for all Instagram analytics. Instagram Insights is only available to users with a business profile, but switching to a business profile is easy.

Go to Settings > Account > Switch to Business Profile and fill out all necessary information. It takes one to two weeks for data to start populating, but once you make the switch, your analytics will start rolling in and be available for your use. Note: You can only compare analytics week to week.

Now you can view your insights and analytics: Activity, Content, and Audience.

Activity: How many people have interacted with your content and how many accounts your content has reached.

Instagram Analytics

Content: Performance analytics for feed posts, stories, and promotions. We recommend using Facebook Business Manager to manage all Instagram promotions and analytics.

Instagram Analytics

Audience: Follower count and basic demographics: locations, age range, and gender. You can also see data on the hours and days your followers are most active.

Instagram Analytics