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Social Media Engagement

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Social Media Engagement

To track social media engagement, you will need to access your Business Page Insights. If you are comparing results from when you weren’t using billboards to the start date of your billboard campaigns, you will need to manually keep track of those dates.

To view Likes, Shares, and Comments or Engagement of social posts go to Insights >  Posts.

If you have social ads running in certain areas or if you are boosting certain organic social posts you will be able to see if certain posts have more likes, comments, and shares because of your advertising efforts. For example: if you’re running a billboard campaign in Georgia, a social media campaign in that same city, and posting content made specifically for Georgia, then you will most likely see that those posts have more engagement.

Billboard's effect on Other Channels

When using billboards alongside your Facebook and Instagram campaigns, you can track the above metrics to better see if billboards are creating a brand uplift for your business when you compare them with your Average CPM, Cost per Blip, Impressions, and Number of Blips for your Blip campaigns.