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Naming a Business

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Naming a Business

Naming a business can be tough, fun, exciting, and/or painstaking. But naming your business is a very important process of establishing a brand.

When choosing a name, remember your target audience. If your audience is a more serious and professional audience, you might want to steer clear of jovial or comical names. Conversely, if your audience is young and modern, you probably want to avoid overly professional names.

Be Unique

Create a name that you can own. Choose something unique to you and your business. If every dentist’s office were called “Clean Smile Dental”, it would be a bit confusing finding directions to your next appointment. Hence, dental offices often use unique nomenclature, such as their last name or city in their business name.

When deciding on the name of your business, come up with lots of options and run them by people that would fit the demographics of your target audience. See what sticks and resonates with this audience and make further changes until you find a winner.

Here are a few tips to help you think outside of the box:



Combine 2 or more words that relate to your business.

Use your own name

Just like the dentist's example, your name is fairly unique to you.

Be descriptive

If your business does something unique, describe it in the name. Think of 7-11, the name tells you their hours of operation.


Find a unique word from the dictionary that can help shape an identity for your business.


Look at your favorite characters from history and see who inspires you. Nike was named after the goddess of victory and ASUS was named after the mythical winged horse.