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Agency Partner Discount Structure

Active as of Feb 1st, 2022. Subject to change at Blip’s discretion.
Agency Discounts
Agency Discounts
Bullet one
Prepaid Campaigns: If you choose to prepay your campaign, please contact either your account manager or [email protected]. For example, say you would like to prepay a $10,000 campaign (and have 2 clients). Your card will be charged $8,750 and we will add the additional 12.5% ($1,250) in as advertising credit to your account: making the entire campaign budget $10,000.
Bullet two
Ongoing Campaigns: If you prefer to be charged on an ongoing basis, we will continue to do a monthly update to your account. We will add in the advertising credit to your account at the month end, dependent upon the bracket you fall within. For example, if you spent $6,000 during April (and have 2 clients with minimum spend of $500), at the beginning of May we will add $600 (10% discount) in advertising credit to your account to be spent on the ongoing campaigns.
If you have any additional questions or need support please contact us at
[email protected]