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Billboard Advertising for E-Commerce

As one of the most effective ways to drive organic site searches, billboards may be the boost your marketing mix needs to get more visitors and expand your buyer funnel.

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E-Commerce Success Stories

See how others have successfully marketed their event with digital billboards.

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Blip’s self-serve platform makes it easy for you advertise for your online shop.

Take your online sales to new heights.

In the world of never-ending scrolling and seemingly infinite search results, how does your website or e-commerce shop stand out from the rest? By using out of home advertising along with your digital efforts, you bring your site/product to life in a memorable way.

In fact, according to a recent study conducted by Nielsen, 46% of US adults have searched something after seeing or hearing about an out-of-home advertisement. That’s right—offline billboards can generate online activity, including searches for your e-commerce business.


Select your location(s) and the time of day your ads will run.


Set your budget.

Once your budget is set, we make sure you get as many blips as possible.

Upload artwork.


Launch your campaign and gain exposure.

After your campaign is launched, you can change any of your campaign settings, revamp your artwork, or increase your budget for your shop.

People can’t buy your stuff if they don’t know it exists.

Drive Organic Searches

Be top of mind and generate interest in your site.

Develop a Credible Brand

Billboards are seen as an expensive advertising channel which means that your brand is perceived as established and reputable when your site is seen on such a big format.

Be Remembered

Brand Recall is when a business becomes well known for something. Billboards are one of the most effective ways of becoming known and remembered in local communities.

E-Commerce Advertising Success Stories

E-commerce businesses are some of the most popular advertisers we see on Blip. From selling custom bowties to selling state of the art Ski Goggles, our advertisers have seen the power of bringing their online sites to offline billboard channels.

Increased Web Traffic

DeeLorri Apparel

Increased Web Traffic

Pretty In Pinkston

Tripled Sales

Leslie Lightcraft Co.

Doubled Website Traffic

Demure Fragrances

Augmented Brand Awareness


Immediate Exposure


Establishing Credibility

Paris O. Cosmetics

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