Why Strategic Businesses Continue to Advertise During a Financial Downturn

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A financial downturn often hits small and local businesses the hardest, but the best brands capture market share during a recession by continuing their marketing efforts. Here’s why you should continue to use Out of Home (OOH) advertising during a financial downturn.

Reasons to Start or Continue Using OOH Advertising


Long-term strategy

If you have a robust advertising strategy that includes short, medium, and long term campaigns, don’t cut your long term advertising in response to a short term challenge. Remember, billboards have always been a long term strategy. Your out of home spend today pays dividends in 3, 6, 12 months!

Increase market share

Get ahead while others are taking things easy. While your competitors cut back on their ad spending, you can take advantage of the growth opportunities available.

Brand building

Let people know you are there and reliable during difficult times. Maintaining your advertising spend projects a stable brand during unstable times.

Diversifying media

Online and TV rates increase during a health scare. Supplement your marketing mix with billboards for a lowered CPM and increased brand uplift.

Growing businesses capture market share during recessions by continuing to market and advertise while their competitors are scaling back. Continue to build your brand and get ahead with a long-term strategy even when there’s a short term problem. Your team at Blip is ready to help!

Why Blip is the Right Solution During Uncertain Times


You can change your budget, schedule, and pause your campaign whenever. Advertise on your terms!


We offer market prices for your budget. Anyone can afford to be on a billboard with Blip.

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