Billboard Scheduling Software

Consolidated Scheduling

Do you operate billboards made by multiple different manufacturers? If so, you know how painful it is to work with multiple different systems to schedule your advertisers’ creative. With blip, those days are over, because you can schedule all of your signs from one central application.

Mobile & Cloud-based

Would you like to be able to update a sign’s schedule anytime or anywhere? Since Blip’s scheduling application is cloud-based and mobile friendly, you can easily update a schedule or upload creative directly from your smart phone or tablet.

Full Featured

Since Blip’s scheduling application has to meet the needs of all sign owners across all manufacturers, it can do the things you need. You’ll be delighted with our robust dayparting, dynamic ads, and fractional slots support.

Time Savings

When scheduling in Blip, it’s easy to reuse groups of ads across all of your signs with the click of a button. If you make changes to an ad or group of ads that are running on multiple signs, those changes automatically flow through to all signs. Blip even automatically detects which size of creative to use for each board, so you don’t have to build campaigns separately for different sized boards.

Blip Gives Sign Owners and Advertisers What They Need

Blip’s marketplace lets every organization advertise on billboards, regardless of budget. At the same time, Blip increases revenue and lowers costs for sign operators.

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