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Rise above the clutter. Literally. Blip makes attracting top talent easy with these top of funnel billboards.

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Using Billboards for recruiting

Ease of Use

Setting up a campaign is simple. You don’t need to be a billboard expert to get your ads up, but we have a team of them just in case you need help.


Get your ad up as quick as the next day. Unfilled positions cost your company money. Blip helps you fill those positions faster.

Recruitment Made Simpler

We know it can be hard to find the right talent. Posting your job listing or careers page URL on a billboard is a great way to get in front of job seekers. Blip is here to make your recruitment efforts as effective and simple as possible. Our billboard templates and in-house design team make creating a memorable ad easy and our self-serve platform allows you to start and stop your recruitment campaign whenever you need.

Blip Billboards for Agencies

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