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Help your service and business become well-known through advertising on billboards.

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See how others have successfully marketed their event with digital billboards.

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Blip’s self-serve platform makes it easy for you advertise for your event.

Spread the word about your services.

You know the ins and outs of your business. Whether you are a marketing agency, roofing company, or another type of service, we will never pretend to know your business and industry as well as you do. But we will say that we know billboards work. And by work, we mean they help businesses (regardless of industry) become recognized and grow over time.


Select your location(s) and the time of day your ads will run.


Set your budget.

Once your budget is set, we make sure you get as many blips as possible.

Upload artwork.


Launch your campaign and gain exposure.

After your campaign is launched, you can change any of your campaign settings, revamp your artwork, or increase your budget for your services.

People can’t use your services,

if they don’t know

that they exist.

Build Credibility

Become Known Locally

Grow Your Business

Nearly five in 10 US adults (46%) have used an internet search engine to look up information after seeing or hearing something advertised on a billboard or out of home ad. By creating interest in your service through billboard advertising, you become more familiar to your customers which leads to improvements across many different KPIs that matter to your growing business.

Service Provider Advertising Success Stories

Read some of our service success stories that highlight businesses that have reached more customers by using Blip billboard advertising.

Increased Music Streams


Increased Music Streams


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Streamlining the Process

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COVID-19 Business Stories

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Pro Shingle

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