Eye-catching ads on the streets of New York City

The easy, affordable way to advertise on  NYC taxi tops

Get Your Brand Noticed in NYC

A 2020 survey found 1 in 3 New Yorkers recall a mobile digital billboard ad they saw that month. Of those, 61% used their smartphone to engage with the ad. Whether you’re a restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen or a multi-national e-commerce store, taxi tops can boost your bottom line.

Drive hyperlocal foot traffic, increase brand recall, raise awareness in NYC, and more with Blip’s easy and affordable taxi top advertising. Getting in front of millions of New Yorkers has never been this simple. Start your campaign today.

Give your business instant street cred

Upload your artwork and set your budget in the form below, and make your business seen. Let your ads be shown for a few days or a few months, it’s entirely up to you. And you can cancel anytime.

Show your ads only in the neighborhoods you choose

Taxi-top ads will dynamically change based on where the taxi is currently located. So no matter where our taxis might be, your ad will only display in the neighborhoods you choose.