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Receive a $75 credit, no strings attached, towards your first digital billboard campaign!

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It’s as easy as online advertising. Show ads quickly on any of our 1,500 big billboards across North America. Your ads run when you want and you pay as you go. We accommodate any daily budget from $1 to thousands of dollars. You’re in control of every aspect of your campaign!

Special Offer For TMRWLive Attendees

For the next 100 people who purchase a ticket to the conference, Blip will provide you with $75 advertising credit, no strings
attached! With a $10 daily budget across 3 boards, you can receive upwards of 1,700 daily impressions*. However, by increasing
your budget to $25 a day and advertising across 6 boards, you can receive upwards of 3,800 daily impressions*. We have big
billboards in most states, but here’s a sample of what a small budget can get you in some markets:

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