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Nebraska Billboard Advertising Guide

Welcome to the ultimate guide to billboard advertising in Nebraska! As a local billboard advertising expert,we have compiled a wealth of information to help you create the most effective and successful billboard campaign possible. In this guide, you will find detailed information about the local population, including key demographic data that will help you target your message to the right audience. You'll also learn about popular local activities, such as recreation, tourism, and other attractions, giving you a better understanding of what people are doing and where they're going in Nebraska. Additionally, I'll provide information about the advertising DMA and local roads and traffic patterns, giving you a comprehensive understanding of the advertising landscape here in Nebraska. Whether you're a seasoned advertising professional or a first-time billboard advertiser, this guide has everything you need to create a successful campaign. So let's get started!

Understanding Nebraska's Demographics for Successful Billboard Advertising

As a Nebraska billboard advertiser, it is crucial to have a deep understanding of the local population's demographics to create effective billboard ads. Here are some essential demographics that Nebraska billboard advertisers should know about:


The current population of Nebraska is approximately 1.9 million residents. The state's population has been growing at a steady rate over the past decade due to an influx of people moving to Nebraska for work opportunities, affordable living costs, and high-quality education.

Age Demographics:

Nebraska is becoming increasingly diverse in terms of age. The state's population is aging, and there is a growing population of young adults in their 20s and 30s. As a Nebraskan billboard advertiser, it is essential to understand the age group that you are targeting and design ads accordingly.


The gender split in Nebraska is fairly even, with slightly more female residents than males. Billboard ads should be designed to appeal to both genders or customize advertisements to cater specifically to a particular gender group if necessary.


The majority of Nebraska's population belongs to the White ethnic group, followed by Hispanic/Latino and African American populations. Billboard ads should reflect the cultural diversity of the population to appeal to a broader audience.


Education is an essential aspect of Nebraska's culture, and the state has a high percentage of residents with college degrees. This demographic is crucial for advertisers targeting consumers with a higher income and education level.


Nebraska's median annual household income is around $60,000, which is higher than the national average. Advertisers can target viewers based on their income level and cater advertisements to reflect wealthier lifestyles and high-end products that appeal to consumers with higher incomes.

By understanding these demographics, billboard advertisers in Nebraska can effectively target their audience and create ads that resonate with consumers. By understanding the demographics of Nebraska, advertisers can create ads that will be seen and remembered by their intended audience.

Appealing to the Local Audience: Popular Activities in Nebraska to Keep in Mind When Creating Billboard Ads

Nebraska is known for being an important agricultural state, but it also has a lot to offer when it comes to recreation, tourism, points of interest, venues, and attractions. When creating billboard ads for Nebraska, it's important to keep these popular activities in mind to appeal to the local audience.


Nebraskans love spending time outdoors and getting active. Some popular activities include hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, biking, boating, and golfing. Including images or slogans that showcase these types of activities can catch the eye of locals.


Nebraska is home to a number of scenic and historic attractions that draw tourists from around the world. Some notable spots include Chimney Rock National Historic Site, the Great Platte River Road Archway Monument, Carhenge, Scotts Bluff National Monument, and the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium. Incorporating images of these iconic attractions can make your billboard stand out to both locals and tourists.

Points of Interest

There are many smaller points of interest throughout Nebraska that locals take pride in and enjoy visiting. Some of these include local museums, historical landmarks, and unique restaurants or shops. Researching these points of interest in the specific area where your billboard will be located can help you tailor your message to the local audience.


Nebraska is home to a number of large event venues that attract crowds for concerts, sporting events, and other activities. Some of the most notable venues include Memorial Stadium, Pinnacle Bank Arena, and the CenturyLink Center Omaha. If your ad is promoting an event that will take place at one of these venues, including an image of the venue or promoting the event through the use of the venue's name can be effective.


Some of Nebraska's most unique and quirky attractions may be lesser-known to tourists, but they still hold significance to locals. Examples of these types of attractions include the Kool-Aid Museum in Hastings, the world's largest ball of stamps in Boys Town, and Toadstool Geological Park in Crawford. Including images of these types of attractions can appeal to Nebraskans' sense of pride in their home state.

The DMA(s) Nebraska is a Part Of

When it comes to billboard advertising in Nebraska, it's important to understand the specific DMA(s) your ads will be displayed in. DMA stands for Designated Market Area, which is a geographic region that represents the television viewing area for a specific group of TV stations. In Nebraska, there are four DMA regions:

  • Omaha
  • Lincoln & Hastings-Kearney
  • North Platte
  • Sioux City, IA

Each DMA has its own unique characteristics and demographics, making it important for advertisers to consider their target audience when selecting which DMA to advertise in. Here's a breakdown of each DMA:


Omaha is the largest DMA in Nebraska, covering 16 counties in the eastern part of the state. Its population is around 920,000 people, with a median age of 35.5 years old. Omaha is known for its vibrant downtown area, excellent dining options, and strong sports culture. Advertisers looking to reach a younger, more urban demographic may find success in advertising in the Omaha DMA.

Lincoln & Hastings-Kearney

The Lincoln & Hastings-Kearney DMA covers 30 counties in eastern and central Nebraska. Its population is around 626,000 people, with a median age of 35.9 years old. Lincoln is the state capital and home to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, while Hastings and Kearney are smaller college towns. Advertisers looking to reach a college-aged demographic may find success in advertising in this DMA.

North Platte

North Platte is a smaller DMA that covers 10 counties in west-central Nebraska. Its population is around 77,000 people, with a median age of 39.3 years old. North Platte is known for its scenic beauty, including the nearby Sandhills and Lake McConaughy. Advertisers looking for a more rural audience may find success in advertising in the North Platte DMA.

Sioux City, IA

The Sioux City, IA DMA covers six counties in northeastern Nebraska, as well as parts of Iowa and South Dakota. Its population is around 140,000 people, with a median age of 37.1 years old. Sioux City is known for its strong manufacturing industry and is home to several colleges and universities. Advertisers looking to reach a more blue-collar audience may find success in advertising in the Sioux City DMA.

By understanding the unique characteristics of each DMA, advertisers can make more informed decisions about where to place their billboard ads for maximum impact.

Nebraska Highways and Interstates for Billboard Advertising

If you are planning to advertise on billboards in Nebraska, it is important to know which highways and interstates are most heavily trafficked. Here are some major roadways to consider:

  • Interstate 80 (I-80): This is the longest interstate highway in Nebraska, running east-west across the state. It is a major trucking route and sees heavy traffic year-round.
  • Interstate 29 (I-29): This interstate runs north-south along the eastern border of Nebraska. It connects cities in Iowa, South Dakota, and Missouri to Omaha and other Nebraska destinations.
  • US Route 81: This highway runs the length of Nebraska, from the Kansas border in the south to the border with South Dakota in the north. It passes through many small towns and is a popular route for freight traffic.
  • US Route 20: This highway runs east-west through the northern part of Nebraska, connecting many rural communities with larger destinations like Sioux City, Iowa.
  • US Route 30: This highway follows the path of the Oregon Trail across northern Nebraska. It passes through many small towns and is a popular route for tourists visiting historical sites.

When choosing the location for your billboard, it's important to consider the surrounding area. If there are nearby attractions or businesses, a billboard in that area may see higher traffic and be more effective. Additionally, if there are major events happening, such as state fairs or concerts, billboards in the vicinity can attract significant attention.

It is also important to note that Nebraska experiences harsh winters, which can impact traffic patterns. Some highways may see decreased traffic during the winter months, especially during snowstorms and icy conditions.

In conclusion, billboard advertising in Nebraska can be an effective and valuable tool for reaching local residents and visitors alike. By understanding the unique characteristics of the local population, popular activities, and traffic patterns, advertisers can create campaigns that are tailored to the needs and interests of their target audience. With careful planning and execution, billboard advertising can generate significant brand awareness, drive traffic to local businesses, and ultimately contribute to the economic growth and success of the local community.

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