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New Mexico Digital Billboard Locations

Use the links here to drill down into each city and see individual billboard locations.

With billboards throughout the state of New Mexico, no minimum buys, and no contracts, Blip offers New Mexico businesses, organizations, and individuals unprecedented access to digital billboard advertising in the state.

New Mexico Billboard Cost

With our “pay-per-blip” approach to advertising, you can pay as much or as little as you want on your New Mexico digital billboard advertising campaign. A blip is an 8-second play of your ad on a billboard that rotates between advertisers. The cost you pay per blip depends on the locations and times you choose. You can get started on any budget. Here are some common budgets and results:

$20 Daily Budget



Mixed Peak/Off-peak Times

$50 Daily Budget



Mixed Peak/Off-peak Times

$100 Daily Budget



Mixed Peak/Off-peak Times

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Pick your billboard locations ranging from Auburn, Birmingham, Montgomery, and Tuscaloosa. We also have national boards available.

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Any budget is fair game. Just set a daily budget and indicate what you're willing to pay each time your ad is shown.

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You can upload your own creative or use our $50 Design Service.

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