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How much is a billboard in Renfrew?

How much does a billboard cost in Renfrew, PA? Advertise your business on Renfrew billboards with Blip - the online, self-serve platform that puts you in control of your advertising budget. With Blip, you can advertise on digital billboards throughout Renfrew, PA, on any budget. Simply set your daily budget when building your billboard advertising campaign and Blip will automatically keep your campaign within that budget. The cost per blip depends on when and where you choose to advertise and advertiser demand. How much is a billboard in Renfrew, PA? The total cost of a Blip billboard advertising campaign in Renfrew over a period of time is the sum of the costs of each of the individual blips you receive over that period of time. Try Blip today and discover the cost-effective and hassle-free way to advertise on billboards in Renfrew, PA. Here are average costs of billboards and their results:
$20 Daily Budget
$50 Daily Budget
$100 Daily Budget

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Renfrew Billboard Advertising Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive advertiser's guide to Renfrew billboards in the heart of Renfrew, Pennsylvania. This burgeoning township within Butler County is an attractive commercial hub with its steadily diversifying communities and rapidly growing suburban areas. Drawing from the town's robust economy and rich history, Renfrew billboard advertising presents a dynamic platform for your campaigns. Here at Blip, we value demographics and market insights to craft compelling and successful billboard messages in Renfrew.

Demographics and Economy

Renfrew, a gem nestled in the Western Pennsylvanian region, renowned for its vibrant commerce, peaceful residential enclaves, and picturesque farmland. Based on Butler County’s 2016 economic report, jobs in the manufacturing sector have witnessed an impressive 30% surge over the last ten years. This forward-looking economy provides favorable conditions for billboard rental in Renfrew, giving advertisers the opportunity to appeal to a blend of established industries and emerging sectors.

Moreover, the rising senior population location is a key consideration in your Renfrew billboard advertising strategy. Butler County's over-65 population is projected to balloon by approximately 30% by 2030, according to the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission's forecasts. Ads highlighting services related to healthcare, finance, real estate, or leisure activities can effectively capture this demographic's interests.

Understanding the Local Culture

Renfrew boasts a rich history, fronted by cultural sites like the Historic Harmony, which draws innumerable visitors annually. Utilizing this cultural wealth can elevate your billboards in Renfrew's relevance and engagement with the local community. Tying your advertising narrative to Renfrew’s history or widely celebrated local events such as the Pennsylvania Maple Syrup Festival, can help build a deep rapport with locals.

Also, noting Renfrew's location within Pennsylvania's natural grandeur, enveloped by stunning mountains, lush state parks - such as the nearby Moraine State Park, eco-friendly or outdoor-themed Renfrew billboards can significantly amplify your ads' resonance with the locale's spirit.

Prime Locations and Timing for Billboard Advertising

Route 68, the central highway linking Renfrew with surrounding towns, provides high-visibility spots for billboard rental in Renfrew, thereby capturing commuters' attention. Implementing a block-time strategy during the morning and evening rush hours can ensure your ad's exposure among the working populace. The vicinity around Butler County Community College presents another promising area for billboard placement, particularly if your target audience comprises young adults and students.

For timing your campaigns, touristic high seasons during the town's significant cultural events such as Jurassic Classic Sports Club's tournaments and the Butler County Farm Show can maximize your billboard advertising in Renfrew's impact. Scheduling your campaigns around these events not only maximizes engagement but also showcases your support for local events.


While Renfrew, Pennsylvania may be small in geographical size, it offers immense opportunities for billboard rental in Renfrew. Understanding the town's demographic patterns, economic dynamics, cultural backdrop, and daily life gives you the edge in creating powerful and engaging campaigns.

With Blip, each facet of your Renfrew billboard advertising strategy—from location selection to the timing of your ad—is within your control. Embrace the opportunity to craft a highly personalized and effective campaign that resonates with Renfrew's essence and meets your marketing aspirations.

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