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Wisconsin Billboard Advertising Guide

Welcome to the ultimate guide to billboard advertising in Wisconsin! Whether you're a local business looking to expand your reach or a national brand looking to make an impact in the Badger State, our guide has everything you need to know. From demographic information to popular local activities, we've gathered all the key details that will help you create a successful billboard campaign in Wisconsin. Our guide also includes information on the advertising DMA in Wisconsin as well as local roads and traffic patterns, so you can strategically place your billboard in high-traffic areas. So, let's dive in and discover how to make your billboard advertising a success in Wisconsin!

Understanding Wisconsin's Demographics for Effective Billboard Advertising

Billboard advertising can be an effective way to reach a wide audience in Wisconsin. However, to create an impactful billboard ad, it's essential to understand the demographics of the local population. Below are some key demographic characteristics of Wisconsin residents that billboard advertisers should know:

Population Density

Wisconsin has a population density of approximately 108 people per square mile. However, this number varies significantly across the state. The Milwaukee metropolitan area has a much higher population density than many rural areas. This information is crucial to consider when selecting the location for your billboard ad as ads in high-density areas can have higher visibility.

Age and Gender

The median age of Wisconsin's population is 39 years old. Additionally, the state's population is almost evenly split in terms of gender, with slightly more females than males. Advertisers can target specific age ranges and genders based on their product or service. For instance, if the product is aimed at older adults, it may be beneficial to place the ad near retirement communities or senior centers.

Race and Ethnicity

The majority of Wisconsin residents are White (84.4%), followed by Black (6.5%), Hispanic (6.4%), and Asian (2.7%) residents. Understanding the racial and ethnic makeup of the area where the billboard ad will be placed can help advertisers tailor their message to resonate with the intended target audience better.

Income and Education

Wisconsin's median household income is approximately $64,000, and about 90% of the population has at least a high school diploma. This information can be used to target higher-income individuals or individuals with more education in certain geographic areas.


Understanding the demographics of Wisconsin residents is crucial for advertisers to create effective billboard ads. By considering a region's population density, age, gender, race, ethnicity, income, and education level, advertisers can create ads that are tailor-made for the intended target audience.

Appealing to Wisconsin’s Interest in Recreation and Tourism

Wisconsin is known for its natural beauty and outdoor recreation, making it a popular tourist destination. When creating billboard ads in Wisconsin, it is essential to keep in mind some of the popular activities that attract visitors to the state.

  • Skiing: Wisconsin is a popular destination for skiing enthusiasts, and showcasing ski resorts and slopes in your billboard ads can attract the winter sports enthusiasts.
  • Fishing: Wisconsin attracts thousands of anglers every year, and featuring images of the state’s popular fishing locations and lodges can attract visitors and locals alike.
  • Biking: Wisconsin’s countless trails make biking a favorite activity for both residents and visitors. Highlighting bike rentals or tours can draw attention.
  • Water activities: With its many lakes and rivers, Wisconsin offers activities such as boating, kayaking, and rafting. Including images of water activities can attract tourists seeking adventure.
  • Outdoor events: Crowds flock to traditional summertime events like Wisconsin State Fair or EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, features of which can be included in billboard ads.

Showcasing Points of Interest and Attractions

Wisconsin offers historic landmarks, cultural attractions, and unique dining experiences that can be used to entice tourists and locals to visit. Including these popular attractions can bring attention to your billboard ads and generate more interest for transit customers and passersby. Here are a few examples:

  • Wisconsin Dells: The popular tourist destination offers thrilling theme park rides, waterparks, and entertainment attractions.
  • Lambeau Field: Home to the iconic Green Bay Packers, Lambeau Field is famous for its tours of the stadium, pop-up events, and a variety of stadium food options.
  • The Harley-Davidson Museum: Milwaukee has a famous motorcycle history, and the Harley-Davidson Museum is a popular destination for bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts alike.
  • Door County: This peninsula on Lake Michigan is a must-see destination known for its charming towns, picturesque lighthouses, orchards, and wineries.
  • Cheese factories and wineries: Given Wisconsin’s status as America’s Dairyland - it's important to include a few of Wisconsin’s famous cheesemakers and wineries for the “foodies”.

Choosing Billboard Locations Near Venues and Events

Wisconsin’s cities, towns, and villages all host annual events that draw big crowds. Choosing billboard locations near these venues and events can increase visibility and generate more interest. Here are some Wisconsin venues that attract people far and wide:

  • Summerfest: Known as the “World's Largest Music Festival,” Summerfest attracts over half a million people to Milwaukee every year for various musical acts.
  • Brewers’ games: Baseball enthusiasts will flock to Miller Park, the home of the Milwaukee Brewers. Ads can feature stadium events, food, and merchandise.
  • The Wisconsin State Fair: Those who love country fairs will appreciate highlights of the food, livestock and attractions while passing the billboards.
  • Weddings and corporate picnics: Wisconsin has a string of picturesque regional parks, picturesque barns or beach venues that draw crowd.
  • Festivals: Almost every community in Wisconsin has its festival, from polka dances to cranberry bogs, these festivials generate strong local attendance.

DMA(s) in Wisconsin: Understanding Your Advertising Audience

If you're considering billboard advertising in Wisconsin, it's essential to understand the DMA(s) (Designated Market Areas) that your target audience is a part of. DMA(s) are geographic regions used by broadcasters and advertisers to determine the target audience for their content. Understanding the DMA(s) in Wisconsin can help you target your advertising efforts more effectively, which can lead to better results and a higher return on investment.

The DMA(s) in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is a part of two DMA(s): Milwaukee and Madison. Milwaukee is the larger of the two DMA(s) and includes Milwaukee, Racine, and Waukesha counties. Madison, on the other hand, includes Dane county. Understanding the demographics and characteristics of each DMA is critical to effective billboard advertising in Wisconsin.

Milwaukee DMA

The Milwaukee DMA is the 35th largest television market in the United States, with a population of more than 1.5 million. The majority of the population is White (70%), followed by African American (18%), Hispanic (12%), and Asian (5%). The median age of the population is 38, and the median household income is $61,000. The Milwaukee DMA is home to several major universities, including Marquette University and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Madison DMA

The Madison DMA is the 81st largest television market in the United States, with a population of approximately 700,000. The majority of the population is White (78%), followed by Asian (8%), African American (6%), and Hispanic (6%). The median age of the population is 32, and the median household income is $68,000. Madison is home to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, one of the largest universities in the United States.

Targeting Your Advertising

Knowing the characteristics of each DMA in Wisconsin can help you target your advertising efforts more effectively. For example, if you're advertising a product or service aimed at college students, you may want to focus your efforts in the Madison DMA, which has a younger, more diverse population. Conversely, if you're advertising a product or service aimed at families with children, you may want to focus your efforts in the Milwaukee DMA, which has a higher median age and income. By taking the time to understand the DMA(s) in Wisconsin, you'll be better equipped to make informed decisions that lead to successful advertising campaigns.

Major Interstates, Highways, and Roadways in Wisconsin for Billboard Advertising

Wisconsin has a vast network of highways and interstates with a lot of potential for billboard advertising. As a billboard advertiser, it is essential to be aware of the major interstates, highways, and roadways that your target audience uses frequently. Here are some major highways to keep in mind when creating your billboard ads:

  • Interstate 94 (I-94): I-94 runs from the western border of Wisconsin through Madison, Milwaukee, and Racine before crossing over into Illinois. This interstate sees significant traffic from both commercial and passenger vehicles, making it an excellent location for billboards targeting a wide range of audiences.
  • Interstate 43 (I-43): I-43 runs from north to south, connecting Green Bay and Milwaukee. It is an essential route for commuters and commercial trucks, making it an ideal location for billboards targeting these groups.
  • Highway 41: Highway 41 runs parallel to I-94, connecting Green Bay and Milwaukee. This highway sees significant traffic from commuters, making it a great location for billboards targeting local audiences.
  • Highway 51: Highway 51 runs from the northern border of Wisconsin to the southern border, connecting many small and large cities throughout the state. This highway sees a mix of local and long-distance traffic, making it an excellent location for billboards targeting regional or statewide audiences.
  • Highway 151: Highway 151 runs from the eastern border of Wisconsin, through Madison, and terminates at the Mississippi River. This highway sees significant traffic from both local and long-distance travelers, making it a great location for billboards targeting a wide range of audiences.

When selecting the location for your billboards, it is essential to consider the specific audience you are targeting and the traffic patterns in your chosen location. By understanding and leveraging the major interstates, highways, and roadways in Wisconsin, you can create effective billboard advertising campaigns that reach your target audiences and drive traffic to your business.

In conclusion, billboard advertising in Wisconsin is a highly effective way to reach a large audience with a targeted message. By considering factors such as the local population demographics, popular activities, and traffic patterns, advertisers can create campaigns that resonate with their target audience and achieve optimal results. With the right approach, a billboard campaign can generate significant brand awareness and drive traffic to any local business or attraction. By following the information outlined in this guide, billboard advertisers in Wisconsin can maximize the impact of their campaigns and achieve their advertising goals.

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