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Billboard Advertising Cost

Pick a budget, any budget

Finally, you can enjoy digital billboard advertising on any budget. When configuring your advertising campaign just enter the budget that is right for your business and Blip will automatically keep your advertising cost within that amount.

Experiment with the Billboard Cost Estimator to get an idea of just how much exposure you can get—even within the smallest of budgets.

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Billboard Cost Estimator

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*Estimated daily blips (ad displays)

This tool is used for estimation purposes only. Results vary based on user-selected settings and marketplace demand. Typically, prices range from $0.01 - 0.50 per blip (ad display) depending on time and location.

Only pay for ads displayed

Blip combines aspects of digital advertising with out-of-home advertising to make billboards available on any size budget, for any business. Instead of traditional high-investment billboard pricing, you determine how much you want to spend, as little as $10/day.

Pay Per Blip means you will only be charged when your billboard ad is displayed. Since Blip is a pure marketplace, you get to decide how much you’re willing to spend for each blip, while we ensure you never spend a penny more than the current market rates to get your billboard ad displayed.

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Want to get even more out of your billboard campaign? Check out our Subscription Packages.

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Control Your Billboard Campaigns

Start and stop campaigns in seconds

Gone are the days of rigid outdoor advertising. No contract means you can start and stop your ad campaigns exactly when it makes sense for your company.

Analytics updated daily

Start tracking and tweaking your budget and schedules immediately to get the best return on your investment.

Big and small budgets work with Blip

How much does a billboard cost? Now the cost is up to you. You can spend tens of dollars or thousands of dollars and still have effective billboard campaigns using Blip.


If you need help when advertising with Blip, we’re here for you. From general questions to getting help with ad designs, contact us by phone at 801-692-3217 or email [email protected]

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