Overview for Sign Operators

Billboards Are Underutilized

And Cost is the Single Biggest Reason

Demand from smaller advertisers is growing. As a sign operator, you’ve probably already felt pressure from potential clients to open the medium to smaller budgets, especially on your digital inventory. The advertisers that aren’t in the 2% that use billboards often ask for:

  • 1-week or 1-day contracts
  • The ability to purchase remnants
  • Flexibility around scheduling

Making digital assets available to the 98% of organizations that haven’t had access in the past represents an enormous potential increase in revenue for sign owners.

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Less than 2% of Businesses Used Billboards Last Year

Advertisers Demand Modern Tools

Online Advertising Has Changed Expectations

Advertisers love the tools and reporting that online advertising has offered them for over a decade:

  • Robust analytics
  • Enable/disable campaigns
  • Audience targeting
  • Self-service
  • A/B testing
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing

Advertisers—especially those at smaller and younger organizations— demand the data and controls they’ve become accustomed to online. Blip gives them exactly what they need.

Blip Delivers Without the Overhead

Even the Smallest Accounts are Now Profitable

Even the tiniest budget can be put to work on your digital inventory with Blip. We eliminate the expenses that used to make small spenders unprofitable for sign owners:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Contracting
  • Setup & Onboarding
  • Billing & Collections
  • Customer Service

Blip eliminates most of the costs associated with serving out-of-home advertisers of any size and makes billboard advertising make sense for every organization. At the end of each month, you simply cash a check.

10x More Advertisers

With Blip, your digital assets are available to all advertisers, not just big spenders.

Zero Remnants

Since Blip’s marketplace can sell each flip individually, there’s always a buyer.

Increased Profits

Eliminating unsold inventory and increasing demand boost your bottom line.

What Sign Owners Are Saying

Blip is the biggest opportunity in digital since the advent of digital.

Pat O’DonnellPresident, YESCO Outdoor Media

Small businesses are already using online advertising to place ads — programmatic outdoor is the natural progression of that trend.

Neil BellManaging Member, New South Outdoor

Blip makes the impact of out-of-home accessible to every business.

Marshall HendersonPresident, Horton Outdoor

Blip’s solution appears robust, dependable, and features an intuitive interface with our potential customers.

Randy JacksonPresident, Venture Outdoor Advertising

Blip Fits Your Existing Workflow

Leveraging the Blip Marketplace Couldn't Be Easier

You keep serving your existing clients. You continue selling new contracts. Blip adds a marketplace layer that drives up revenue.

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  • Drive marketplace awareness
  • Run promotions
  • Recruit advertisers
  • Onboard clients
  • Perform initial content screening
  • Approve/reject proposed content
  • You’re still in control of what shows up (or not) on your assets.

Sign Owner

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  • Customer service
  • Billing & Collections
  • Send payment to sign owners
  • Get paid
  • We send you a check each month

Sign Owner

Blip Gives Sign Owners and Advertisers What They Need

Blip’s marketplace lets every organization advertise on billboards, regardless of budget. At the same time, Blip increases revenue and lowers costs for sign operators.

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