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We’re on a mission to help business owners capture new audiences and boost sales with the power of billboards.

That’s why we empower small and medium-sized businesses with access to thousands of digital and physical billboards that are easy to set up, contract-free, and surprisingly affordable.

If you want to stand out from the competition and grow your business with a flexible marketing strategy — then you’re ready for campaigns with Blip.

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  • Working with Blip has given Mr. Charlie's the momentum to get our new location on the map while accelerating growth for our original location

    mr charlie
    Paul Willey
    Owner, Mr. Charlie's Chicken Fingers
  • Blip works for us. It's a different medium, and it brings a lot of exposure. It sets us apart from the rest of the [competition], and that's what I like.

    mr charlie
    Kimberly Pinkson
    Owner, Pretty In Pinkston
  • Billboards are one of the most impactful ways to advertise, and with Blip, you spend a fraction of what you would end up paying elsewhere.

    hashtag vape
    Ray Bowens
    Founder, Hashtag-Vape
  • It's not a social media thing that you see on your phone. It's not word-of-mouth. It's big and bold and out there in public. I would say this is the first step of looking big and public

    Chris Leslie
    Founder, Leslie Lightcraft Co