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We’re giving Lola Tomorrow’s community a limited-time offer–up to $500 in ad spend credit when you start advertising with Blip!

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Advertise on 50+ new Blip Billboards in Chicago

Blip has added more than 50 new digital billboards to the Chicago area, and we want Lola’s community to be among the first to grow their business with these highly-visible billboards.

Limited-Time Offer for Lola Tomorrow’s Community

From now until March 5th, Blip will double-up and match your Blip billboard ad spend, up to $500!

For example you could spend $10 and get $10 free from Blip in the form of ad credit. Or you could spend $500 to get $500 free! That’s up to $500 in free ad credit just for using Blip Billboards.

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You pay per display, so you’re in charge of your advertising costs. Set a budget that works for you and adjust it at anytime.


Reach your target audience with our nationwide network of over 1,100 digital billboards. Pick 1 local board or 1,000. The choice is yours.

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