Reach new customers in a re-opened Chicago

With Chicago fully re-opened, your customers are back on the road. Use this Cost Estimator tool to see how much exposure you can get with your budget.

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*Estimated daily blips (ad displays)

This tool is used for estimation purposes only. Results vary based on user-selected settings and marketplace demand.

No matter what size business, you’re a fit for Blip

Billboards no longer require big-budgets. Blip’s marketplace breaks down traditional billboard barriers by eliminating contracts and high-priced minimums, making billboards a reality for ANY business.

Budget, timing, design—you’re in control

Now more than ever, you need flexibility in your marketing. With adjustable budgets, schedules, and artwork design, you’ll have the flexibility you need with Blip.

Deliver results across other marketing channels

So how do billboards fit into your marketing strategy? Believe it or not, billboards are a boost to online activities like increased FB ad interaction, online brand search, and intent to purchase.

Boost your marketing with billboards.


lift in likelihood to purchase


click-through rate lift


immediately visit a business

Who knew Chicago traffic could be a good thing?

Population: 2.71 million

58.1% of commuters drive to work

Over 80 Blip billboard locations

Locations receive over 4 million views daily

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Why use Blip for out-of-home advertising?



You can adjust how much to spend, and never pay more than the market rate, making Blip a fit for any business.



Over 1,600 boards across North America, including LA, NYC, and Chicago, ready for your campaign.



Change locations, adjust your budget, upload your artwork—you have complete control over your campaign.



Daily stats and estimated impression counts so you can manage your campaign effectively.



Have questions? Need an ad design? Our support team is here to help you every step of the way.

What our advertisers are saying

Blip is essentially the PPC of billboard advertising—they make it possible to run a billboard campaign with a budget that would otherwise not be enough for broadcast advertising.

logan dameron
Logan Dameron
Content Manager,

Blip reinvents an old way of marketing and makes it so anyone can run a billboard campaign from their own computer. Having billboards near our locations was a huge value.

Dave Nantz
CBO, Jack’s Donuts

Ultimately what Blip is doing in the industry is giving out-of-home a new face,—that it doesn’t have to be expensive and that it can work for everyone. We highly recommend Blip.

rickey mccoy
Rickey McCoy
CEO, Vivid Media

How Blip Works


Choose your billboard locations

Add sign(s) to your campaign from any of our 1,600+ locations across North America. It is ideal to overlap your billboard locations with your geo-targeted online campaigns

Set your budget & schedule

Choose a daily budget amount (we recommend starting at $10/day) and the schedule you want your billboard to display, down to the very hour!

Upload your artwork

We have an in-house design team that will create an ad design for $75, or you can use our built-in Artwork Tool.

Wait for approval

Your artwork must be approved by Blip and our Sign Partners before it can be used in your campaign. Once approved, your campaign will be live!

Ready to advertise on billboards in Chicago?

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