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Want to know how to integrate Blip with your agency? How your clients are billed? Or ways to measure your client’s results? The answers to these and other questions can be found below.

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Metrics and Measurement

What are some ways I can measure results for my clients?

Geotargeting and Comparing Results:

Many of our partners keep all aspects of a client’s advertising campaign the same when they add billboards to geo-targeted advertising to test if they are working. Don’t change the location, budget, creative, or schedule. Run the campaign on its schedule and once it’s over compare the results from before billboards were added in an area to after.

Metrics to consider:

  • Website traffic uplift
  • Unique/New website uplift
  • Overall search uplift
  • Revenue uplift (Difference before and after billboards' campaigns)
  • Conversion uplift
  • Cost per Click decrease
  • Click through Rate increase
  • Social media engagement (comments/likes)
  • Social media following
  • Uplift directed at certain promotions/events (such as attendance)
  • What reports are available to my client?

  • Proof of Performance
  • Invoice Report
  • Campaign Spend Report
  • What metrics should I look for to know if my clients billboard campaigns are effective?

  • Website traffic uplift
  • Unique/New Website Uplift
  • Overall search uplift
  • Revenue Uplift (difference before and after billboard campaigns)
  • Conversion uplift
  • Cost per Click decrease
  • Click through Rate increase
  • Social Media Engagement (comments/likes)
  • Social Media Following (followers)
  • Uplift directed at certain promotions/events (such as attendance)
  • What data does Blip provide?

    Blip does not currently have attribution data, but Blip does provide data in Campaign Analytics on how many blips a campaign receives and how many impressions a board receives.

    How does Blip calculate impressions?

    Our impression numbers are constantly updating, but we strive for accuracy in our impressions reporting as information becomes available. Blip partners with sign owners and Geopath to track impressions on each board. Some boards do not use Geopath, but when that is the case sign owners provide impressions from their own sources like the Department of Transportation.

    Geopath’s technology tracks the number of cars that drive past a board daily. The sign owner reports the exact same number of impressions that they report to a contracted client.

    Integrating Blip with Your Agency

    How does the Blip Agency Program work?

    Blip Agency Partners find clients, create campaigns for them on Blip, and run their ads on the Blip platform. Potential agency partners will sign an agreement to become an authorized partner and reseller. Agency partners have access to personalized help from an account manager. Agency Partners can work to become Certified Blip Partner’s by completing certain milestones as a partner/reseller.

    How do I manage my clients on Blip?

    You manage clients by creating campaigns on the Blip platform. You can start and stop all campaigns at any time. Create separate organizations for each client in the Blip platform to organize the client’s you’re creating campaigns for. Creating separate campaigns will help you keep track of reports of client’s and it will help Blip track the number of client’s you bring on.

    What are your white labeling policies?

    Blip offers resources like white-labeled pitch decks and one-pagers to agencies for sales purposes, but agencies must follow these policies:

    • You may not position yourself as the owner of the billboards.
    • If a client asks how you are accessing the inventory you must disclose that the inventory is on Blip's network and that you have a partnership with Blip.
    • If you are putting a map of billboards on your website, the map must disclose that the inventory is from Blip's network.


    How should I charge my clients?

    Agencies can charge clients multiple ways, but here are few examples of what we’ve seen:

  • Charge clients as they go.
  • Create package deals for clients to choose.
  • Offer Blip as a package add-on.
  • Use an agency card for all charges.
  • Prepay advertising charges in the Blip account.

  • As far as package offerings go, each agency has different ways of calculating this price, but make sure to take into account management hours and design, if your agency is designing the billboard ads.

    How are my clients billed?

    A credit card must be attached to a Blip account for a client to be billed. Their account is charged daily according to the amount set as a daily budget. Payments are processed every $50 spent or 7-10 business days, whichever happens first. Your clients can always prepay credit on their account. Blip will use that credit to run ads. Once that credit is spent, Blip will charge the client’s credit card as the ads run. Remember: You can stop and start client campaigns at any time.

    What are most Blip clients seeing from running billboards?

    Check out our Success Stories page to see case studies and testimonials about how Blip worked for other advertisers.

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