Starter Plan

$300+ per month

Whether your brand is just getting off the ground or well established, this plan starts getting in front of customers in a whole new way.

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  • 6+ Months of Advertising

  • 5% Match in Budget When You Prepay

  • Choose From 1100 Billboards Nationwide

  • Special Discounted Pricing on Professional Artwork Designs ($25 off one design each month)

  • Full-time Dedicated Billboard Specialist

Rules and Policies

  • Blip is a software service that grants you access to a marketplace of digital billboards. Digital billboards are organized into multiple slots and rotate between those slots usually 8 seconds per Blip. 
  • Digital billboards are owned by various local sign owners and operators. Blip has one or more slots that are made available to you.
  • All Designs must be professional and meet design standards

Campaign Success

  • Blips depend on the parameters set being price per day, number of boards, hours of the day, days of the week.

At-Will Advertising

  • A Blip is one display of the billboard.  Blip is at-will advertising. Billboards are a broadcasting medium for brand awareness and recognition. Your advertising credits will be loaded on your account and each day will deduct from your credited amount. With digital boards, they can periodically experience delays. This is not a guaranteed contracted advertisement.
  • You will only ever be charged if your ad displays.
  • This plan will auto-renew at the end of its initial completion. You can pause or cancel at anytime.

Why Adding Billboards Benefits Your Business


of people notice billboards

1 in 3

Google the business on the billboard


of billboard viewers visit the physical business on the billboard