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Creating your campaign with Blip is easy! Simply follow our step-by-step instructions and you’ll be on your way to more customers in no time.

Get Started

How Blip Works


Pick Your Billboard Locations

Pick the sign(s) where you want your ads to shine. You can pick as many or few as you would like.

Set Your Budget & Schedule

Think about what makes sense for your business and your growth goals. Blip works with flexible budgets and schedules to help you get the most out of brand advertising.

Upload Your Artwork

Create simple artwork that will help your brand improve recognition. We only accept professionally designed ads but, don't worry, we can help.

Wait for Approval

Your artwork must be approved by Blip and our Sign Partners before it goes live. Once approved, your ad is up and running on digital billboards.

Will your ad get approved? See our Billboard Design Guidelines

Need help designing an ad? See Blip's Design Service


You pay per display, so you’re in charge of your advertising costs. Set a budget that works for you and adjust it at anytime.

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Reach your target audience with our network of over 1,500 digital billboards across North America. Pick 1 local board or 1,000!

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