Digital billboard advertising in Los Angeles

Get in front of your customers like never before.

Billboards set you apart from the competition by giving you credibility and getting you in front of customers in an entirely new environment. With Blip, you can advertise in one of the most populous cities in the United States on any budget.

  • Online advertising costs are rising at 5x the rate of inflation
  • Adding billboards to mobile advertising can increase reach up to 300%

See how a local business got on Los Angeles billboards with Blip in this case study.

Blip helps small and medium sized businesses grow.

Watch how a small Memphis church had mega-church results.

Help Your Audience Find You

Digital billboards help with the first step of your marketing funnel, brand awareness. Outdoor advertising allows your brand to stay top of mind for potential customers in Los Angeles.

Advertise When and Where You Want

Blip allows you to choose your desired billboards in Los Angeles, set your schedule, and adjust your budget to match your marketing needs.

Improve Your Marketing Funnel Conversion Rate

Adding different channels to your marketing improves conversion and creates more leads.

Los Angeles Billboard Advertising Cost

You can pay as little or as much as you want with Blip. Our pricing works based on one “blip” at a time. A blip is anywhere from 7.5 to 10 seconds on a rotating billboard. The cost depends on the location in Los Angeles and time you choose. You can get started on any budget. Here are average costs of billboards and their results:

$20 Daily Budget



Mixed Peak/Off-peak Times

$50 Daily Budget



Mixed Peak/Off-peak Times

$100 Daily Budget



Mixed Peak/Off-peak Times

Any Budget


Set your own budget with Blip

How To Advertise With Blip


Pick Your Billboards in Los Angeles

We also have national boards available.

Set Your Budget

Any budget is fair game. Just set a daily budget and indicate what you're willing to pay each time your ad is shown in Los Angeles.

Upload Your Artwork

You can upload your own creative or use our $99 Design Service.

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