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You can pay as little or as much as you want with Blip. Our cost works based on one “blip” at a time. A blip is anywhere from 7.5 to 10 seconds on a rotating billboard. The cost depends on the location in and time you choose. You can get started on any budget. Here are average costs of billboards and their results:
$20 Daily Budget
$50 Daily Budget
$100 Daily Budget

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Marietta Billboard Advertising Guide

For those considering launching a Marietta billboard advertising campaign in Marietta, Georgia, you're making a fantastic choice! Marietta billboards offer exceptional exposure potential given this city's status as the largest suburb of metro Atlanta. The opportunities billboards in Marietta provide are plentiful, given its diverse demographics and a vibrant local economy. With an estimated population of 61,000 and projected growth of 5% by 2025, the engagement potential for billboard rental in Marietta is significant. Let us guide you towards effective billboard positioning in this dynamic city.

Understanding the Marietta Market for Billboard Advertising

Marietta holds a prime position as an outstanding city for business, just right outside Atlanta. Known as one of Georgia's most business-friendly cities, Marietta has seen a 7.34% population growth since 2010. The population is incredibly diverse, with about 34% being African American and 17.5% Hispanic, presenting opportunities to diversify your Marietta billboard advertising efforts.

An impressive 36.14% of Marietta's residents boast tertiary level qualifications - easily surpassing the national average of 33% - signaling a highly educated populace. Moreover, with more than 9,500 active businesses according to the Marietta Economic Development Department, the market opportunities offered by billboards in Marietta are hard to ignore.

Busy Routes and Popular Locations for Billboard Rental in Marietta

The most effective billboards are those situated on bustling roads attracting the majority of public attention. In Marietta, I-75 plays host to many of these high-impact billboards. This main artery that threads through the city sees an average daily traffic volume of close to 270,000 vehicles according to the Georgia Department of Transportation. Cobb Parkway, another significant roadway, handles an average of roughly 40,500 vehicles per day as of 2019.

Marietta Square, a hub of cultural events and densely populated gatherings, serves as an ideal place for your Marietta billboards. Positioning billboards near areas that see heavy foot and vehicular traffic maximizes advertising reach.

Marietta's Evolving Economy and its Effect on Billboard Advertising

Marietta boasts an evolving economy with rapid growth in tech, health, and service sectors. Prominent landmarks include the award-winning WellStar Kennestone Hospital and numerous health-care institutions. Tech giant Infosys recently established a Digital Technology and Innovation Center in Cobb County, indicating a thriving tech environment. If your business aligns with these sectors, stimulus from Marietta billboard advertising could yield considerable rewards.

What Makes Marietta Unique?

Marietta is known for its popular events like Chalktoberfest, Taste of Marietta, and the Marietta Film Festival. Such extravaganzas draw massive crowds and significantly increase tourism. According to the Marietta Visitor's Bureau, these events contribute to a striking $770 million in annual tourism revenue. Concerted billboard advertising in Marietta that aligns your brand with these events can drastically enhance customer engagement and yield a massive increase in impressions.

Creative Billboard Designs that Resonate with Marietta Residents

For a design that truly impacts, consider billboards in Marietta that embody the unique blend of classic Southern charm and modern sophistication that Marietta is known for. Tasteful references to local culture and events such as the historic 1864 "Battle of Kennesaw" or Marietta's vibrant arts scene can forge powerful connections with the local populace.

Lean on Blip's impactful, affordable digital billboard advertising platform, turn your uncaptured market into growth opportunities, and ensure the successful execution of your next advertising campaign in the vibrant city of Marietta, Georgia. Through meticulous targeting and tailored messaging, seize the opportunity to connect with this city's unique audiences and expand your business.

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