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If you can run online ads,


Digital billboards have become a hit after the pandemic – amongst both businesses and consumers (who trust billboards more than almost any other media).

Blip allows businesses of all sizes access to billboard advertising by eliminating the traditional buying process. Now, digital billboard advertising is as easy (and affordable) as running online ads. Our digital, self-serve platform links to 2,000+ digital billboards across the country.

Your BUSINESS belongs on a billboard

2:1 Match

Blip will provide a 2:1 match for a minimum spend of $2.5k/month for at least 3 months! For example: get $15k over three months with only spending $2.5k per month.

Sign Up Today

Please register for Blip using the company name as listed on your Silicon Slopes profile, or a company email.

So, how can you get your


Simple, just follow these steps:

  • Register for an account
  • Click “New Campaign” at the top right of the screen
  • Choose 1 or multiple locations, set a budget, and pick times for your ad to run
  • Upload your design (or get us to create your ad for you!) Wait for approval.

And that’s it! Easy enough, right? And because you are in control of every aspect of your campaign, you can experiment with different budgets and ad creative, allowing you to get your best customers’ attention easily and affordably.