Big Nick’s BBQ

Small Budget, Big Results

Big Nick’s BBQ Tripled Sales After Three Days


Big Nick’s BBQ is a restaurant in Sylva, North Carolina that is owned by Tim Fisk. Tim brings his own personal flair into the BBQ world that he was introduced to by his Father, Big Nick. As a smaller, independent BBQ stop, Big Nick’s team used Blip as a way to increase foot traffic and to increase awareness for this restaurant.


As the social strategist for Big Nick’s Barbeque, Tucker Horne from TH Social media launched a Blip campaign on a billboard that was very close to the BBQ restaurant location. The billboard advertisement said, “Big Nick’s Barbecue—Now serving Breakfast from 7 a.m. – 11 a.m.” For this campaign, they only advertised during breakfast hours and they used a $5/day budget.


The results of this campaign were immediate and quantifiable. Within the first three days of using Blip, sales tripled for this BBQ establishment. About this, Tucker said, “ I kind of thought we’d see a spike, but I didn’t think it’d be that high—there was almost immediate feedback from our billboard use.”

“You can really easily create ads that are effective and that complement other portions of your campaign for a very small budget. We’ve used other forms of marketing, like FB, yelp, and trip advisor, but using billboards in our marketing mix really helped us reach the local community in a new way. Blip definitely gives power to the little guy.”
Tucker Horne
President, TH Social Media
“I was very surprised how cost-effective it was. For a restaurant, it makes a lot of sense.”
Tim Fisk
Proprietor, Big Nick’s BBQ
  • Blips: 2,628
  • Campaigns: 1
  • Billboards: 1
  • Estimated Impressions: 4,155
  • Average cost per Blip: $0.03
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