The Church at the Well

Mega-church results with a small church budget

The Church at the Well Went Viral with a Specific Message



The Church at The Well is a church in Memphis, Tennessee that was founded and is lead by Pastor Kia Moore. Core to the mission of the Church at the Well is inviting individuals to be changed through understanding Christ, joining a supportive community, and helping individuals access the resources they need in their unique circumstances. Because the church is relatively new, Kia began using Blip as a way to reach people that may feel overlooked or unwelcome at church.


The Church at the Well launched campaigns across eight strategic locations in Memphis. The message that they shared on their chosen billboards read “For God So Loved Memphis Mane” and underneath read #wemakewells | John 3:16. “Mane” is a local term that is used by people in Memphis and is slang/an alternate pronunciation for man. About this, Pastor Kia Moore said, “Those billboards are missional. We wanted to go after people who use ‘mane’ every day—who have been in Memphis all of their lives, who read the Bible but might not see themselves in scripture.”


Media Coverage:

The relevance of Pastor Kia’s message was so well received that a few local news outlets picked up the story. With the articles, interviews, and social media buzz, The Church at the Well gained incredible visibility and many opportunities to share their story and mission. Fox 13 said, “The whole city is talking about the eye-catching billboards that promote the new Church At The Well.”

Church Attendance & Community Growth:

Many new churches in Memphis can expect around 30-40 members in their congregations weekly. The Church at the Well frequently has over 150 members show up for their Sunday Service. In addition to the number of people who show up, the impact of their billboard campaigns can be seen through the comments of local community members. “While I hoped people would respond well to the billboards,” said Pastor Kia Moore, “the actual results have been much more than I originally expected. People would take selfies by the billboard and call me a local hero. The response was so great that when my campaign was about to finish, I logged into the Blip app and extended the end date for my campaign.”

Talkshow Opportunity:

As a result of her billboard campaign and the associated news stories, Kia received an offer to host a weekly talk show on a local news station. Now, The Church At The Well will have an hour every week to reach over 10,000 people. This exposure and the associated funding will help the Church at The Well expand the reach of their messages and also expand the scope of their local  humanitarian efforts which include initiatives around education, health, safety, and clean water.

"Advertising on Blip helps me to be as effective in sharing my message, as other organizations with far more resources. I am elated about the results of my campaign. The visibility that I have been able to get with spending less than a month's worth of groceries has helped open so many doors and has encouraged so many people to come back to church or come to church for the first time. I would recommend Blip to anyone who wants an affordable, impactful way to share their message."
Pastor Kia Moore
Lead Pastor and Founder
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