Jack’s Donuts

Increasing Store Traffic and Boosting Sales


Jack’s Donuts is a family donut chain in Indiana, Utah, and (coming soon) to California. Founder Jack Marcum, Sr. started Jack’s Donuts in 1961. Today Jack Marcum the 3rd continues the family business of creating classic favorites such as tiger tails, caramel nut rolls, and applesauce donuts. Their marketing objective of using Blip was to increase regular store traffic and increase total sales.


While Jack’s Donuts has a strong presence in Indiana, they use Blip to establish name recognition on billboards near their retail locations in Utah. They use two different billboard designs. One design showed their logo and their city locations. The other design highlighted their logo and their unique value statements such as – Cut by Hand – Iced by Hand – Made in Store.

Dave, the Chief Brand Officer of Jack’s Donuts found the process to create and launch his Blip billboard campaigns to be really easy and straightforward. He said he was able to do it all himself since the process was “simple and extremely user-friendly.”


The exposure that these blips gave Jack’s Donuts resulted in increased store traffic which translated directly to sales. Jack’s Donuts continues to advertise with Blip, which increases their brand awareness both online with their social media channels and offline with conversations and with direct conversions.

“Blip reinvents an old way of marketing and makes it so that anyone can run a billboard campaign from their own computer. Having billboards near our retail locations was a huge value and has helped us spread the word about our donuts!”

– Dave Nantz, Chief Brand Officer of Jack’s Donuts

  • Blips: 30.432
  • Campaigns: 2
  • Billboards: 5
  • Estimated Impressions: 399,864
  • Average cost per Blip: 0.13
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