Mr. Charlie’s Chicken Fingers

Increasing Sales for New Restaurant Location

Local Utah restaurant, Mr. Charlie’s Chicken Fingers, started in 2019. The growing business serves up southern comfort food and fried chicken, and is one of Post Malone’s favorite places to stop in the Salt Lake Valley! The restaurant quickly gained acclaim with locals, being voted first place as Utah’s Best New Chicken Item and second place as Best New Restaurant in City Weekly’s Best of Utah poll.

The local restaurant opened a second location in the Salt Lake Valley in the summer of 2021. In the past, owner Paul Willey had utilized Instagram influencers, social media, and print coupons in mail ads to advertise the original location successfully. However, there was a need to supercharge the brand’s marketing for a second location. Paul decided to go exclusively with billboards, using Blip as a way to do so. This exclusivity would allow him to track sales and attribute revenue growth directly to this campaign.

Working With Blip

After setting up their billboard campaign with Blip’s self-serve marketplace, the restaurant was advertising on two digital billboards for each location, near the exits off I-15. These prominent locations were picked to drive traffic to the restaurants while creating awareness amongst locals and Salt Lake City residents to increase in-store sales.

Rather than paying a graphic designer to design billboard ads for the campaign, Paul utilized Blip’s free design services that came with his subscription plan. This design service saved him a fortune on his billboard campaign.

Billboard Advertising Results

After advertising for four months, with a total budget of $12,000 ($3,000/month) Mr. Charlie’s garnered over three million impressions, which equals out to about 61 impressions per Blip.

The last month of the campaign, the restaurant saw a $20,000 increase in revenue directly from billboard advertising, roughly evenly split between the two locations, at the cost of less than $3,000 (under $100 ad budget per day). This marked a 13% month-over-month increase in sales for the original location and an 11% increase for the new location. Meanwhile, the restaurant received a 22% increase in website traffic and a 57% increase in phone calls.

Mr. Charlie’s Chicken Fingers is an excellent example of the kinds of results you can see with billboard advertising. Blip’s platform makes running digital billboard campaigns as easy as running a Facebook ad campaign.

Working with Blip has given Mr. Charlie’s the momentum to get our new location on the map while accelerating growth for our original location. I’m thrilled with these numbers and am excited to see where our partnership with Blip takes us in the future.
Paul Willey
Owner, Mr. Charlie's Chicken Fingers
  • Blips: 37,552
  • Campaigns: 1
  • Billboards: 4
  • Estimated Impressions: 3 million
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