Family Roots

Building Awareness and Driving Attendance

Family Roots increased attendance.


Family Roots Conference is an annual family history conference located in St. George Utah that educates and inspires people to connect to their ancestor’s stories. With a deep connection to family history that she learned from her father, Amy English, has played a key role in this conference since 2015.  She chose Blip to build awareness and to fill seats for the conferences and free local events that she helps to organize.


Family Roots chose billboards in St George to advertise their events. With imagery about the performers or the family nature of the conference, Family Roots included event details and their URL This conference used billboards in conjunction with their other marketing avenues which include digital online advertising, flyers, TV, and radio.


Owner, and event director, Amy English saw how her billboard campaign helped build awareness and drive attendance for her events. Their Vocal Point Event was a sold-out show, which she attributed in part to the billboard advertising. Additional registration data confirmed that there was a quantifiable ROI from their Blip campaign.

“Blip helps you appear professional and larger than life. These billboard campaigns have helped us establish our presence and build market awareness that would likely not have been possible otherwise. Blip helps companies of any size get their message out there so that they can become well-known in different markets without some of the restrictions and frustrations that can happen with other types of broadcast advertising.”
Amy English
Founder and Event Coordinator
  • Blips: 5,362
  • Campaigns: 2
  • Billboards: 5
  • Estimated Impressions: 18,243
  • Average cost per Blip: $0.05
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