Fathers’ Rights

Starting Conversations With Billboards

FathersRightsMovement.us was picked up by the local news after their campaign.


Rikki Tatum is a mental health and substance abuse therapist from Buffalo, NY. After losing custody of his son, Dominic, Rikki explored how he could better understand his rights during this challenging period of time. Rikki joined a Father’s Rights group so that he could be involved with a community that he could both learn from and contribute to. Rikki wanted to share his message in a big, bold way—billboards seemed like a powerful way to communicate his message. After meeting with several billboard companies, Rikki chose Blip given the affordability and flexibility offered. With his campaigns, he was looking to accomplish two main goals 1) to let his son know that he loves him and 2) to build awareness and spread compassion regarding issues surrounding Father’s Rights.


Rikki launched a Blip campaign in the Atlanta area where his son lives. The message that Rikki put on the billboard was clear. It stated: “Dear Dominick, your daddy loves you.” The billboard also included a picture of Rikki and his son together, along with a link at the bottom, FathersRightsMovement.us.


“As soon as my Blip campaign was active, I went to a parking lot near the sign in George Hill, so I could see my ad live. When I saw it, I screamed and was overjoyed—there are a lot of emotions that go into something like this and it means a lot to get this kind of visibility for me, my son, and Father’s Rights groups.” There were great responses to this campaign from the local community. People on the Father’s Rights Facebook group would reach out to Rikki to thank him for his advocacy. Local news stations highlighted his story and even Ellen Degeneres reached out to talk about the work Rikki was doing to start conversations for Father’s Rights groups.

“Blip gives people the chance to get on a billboard without breaking the bank. I’m happy that Blip provides this solution for people to get this kind of exposure—without Blip, I couldn’t have gotten on a billboard and I couldn’t have shared this message that is giving people hope. I’d recommend Blip to anyone who wants to build awareness while still staying within their budget”
Rikki Tatum
  • Blips: 5,034
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  • Estimated Impressions: 60,249
  • Average cost per Blip: $0.08
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