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Increase SolutionStream’s name and brand recognition


Utilize billboards, social media, events, and LinkedIn to increase brand awareness.

Blip creates an opportunity for small businesses to afford billboard space. Cameo, the Director of Operations, said that “billboards were one of those things I saw big companies have. I know who a company is because they have big billboards with large budgets.

Prices for traditional contracts were very expensive but Blip made it so we can play the game on our budget. We didn’t have to dump thousands and thousands of dollars into it in order to be seen.” Blip allows businesses an opportunity to manage their digital billboard spend, update their designs, and adjust advertising schedules.

For SolutionStream, this was paramount in tackling their marketing needs. “[With Blip] it is easy to set up our own campaign. We love being able to do this ourselves.” SolutionStream’s designer logged in to update the creative and the director logged in to manage the spend and schedule. “It is super simple. We like that it is self-serve – meaning we don’t have to deal with a salesperson or the pressure to advertise.


By utilizing Blip, SolutionStream landed two verifiable customers from Billboards that had never heard of them before and a good sense of brand recognition.

SolutionStream has also added billboards to their marketing mediums. “Right now, my long-term plan is to always keep Blip a part of the core of our marketing. I can see spikes of additional advertising when the need arises for events as well.”

Solution Stream Billboard Case Study
  • Blips: 172,937
  • Campaigns: 2
  • Billboards: 13
  • Estimated Impressions: 1,608,235

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