Leslie Lightcraft Co.

Meaningful Results Through Billboard Advertising

Leslie Lightcraft Grew Their Social Media Following And Website Traffic


Leslie Lightcraft Co. is a luxury stand-up paddleboard company founded by former NASA rocket scientist Chris Leslie. He started the company to solve a problem that he discovered while on a family vacation. He kept on falling off of his paddleboard because the board was not designed with the laws of physics in mind. Given his background in research and physics, Leslie Lightcraft created a paddleboard that is easy to balance and can support a lot of weight. As they prepare for their official product launch later this year their goal for this billboard campaign is to build brand awareness and visibility.


Leslie Lightcraft primarily advertises through trade shows, events, and social media ads. Having heard about Blip from a friend, Chris was curious about what billboards could do for his business. Chris decided to put Leslie Lightcraft on a Times Square Billboard through Blip and pay attention to what results were generated.


From the campaign, Chris and the team at Leslie Lightcraft saw that billboards do in fact build awareness and create quantifiable results. The company secured a front cover placement on an internationally known catalog because of its debut on Times Square and saw a significant increase in social media followers and online web traffic shortly after the campaign went live. Chris was thrilled with the results of this campaign and plans to advertise at other Blip locations around the country this summer.

“I thought [Blip] would be outrageously expensive, like prohibitively. I had visions in my head that it would cost as much as a Superbowl ad. I thought it was completely unattainable. When a friend told me about Blip, I looked at it and I said, “Are you sure? Is this right? And it turns out…it is, and it was just so completely effective.” -Chris Leslie, Founder of Leslie Lightcraft Co.

Billboard ad Design

“It's not a social media thing that you see on your phone. It's not word-of-mouth. It's big and bold and out there in public. I would say this is the first step of looking big and public.”

Chris LeslieFounder of Leslie Lightcraft Co.
  • Blips: 198
  • Billboards: 1
  • Campaigns: 1
  • Estimated Impressions: 51,562
  • Average cost per blip: $1