A 2020 Graduation

Rising to the Occasion With Billboards

Sean Moore’s Graduation

How to Get Creative with Blip

Mike & Kerri Moore live in Montgomery, Alabama, and are some of Blip’s most creative clients. Inspired by a billboard marriage proposal Mike saw, they decided to use billboards to celebrate their son Zach’s graduation last year from Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School. And they knew exactly how they wanted to do it. Picking a billboard he would pass on the way to school, Mike and Kerri timed Zach’s graduation display to when students drove to and from campus. Blip has the technology that makes it easy to choose when and where your ad is shown. This way, Zach was given a unique surprise that was cost-effective and uncomplicated. They only spent $50  a week to make a lasting graduation memory for their son.

A 2020 Graduation

In response to COVID-19, schools moved online, and graduation ceremonies came to a halt. All businesses struggle to mitigate the economic impact of the pandemic, but small businesses are hit especially hard. An estimated 24% of small businesses have temporarily shut their doors. Blip allows for flexibility in out-of-home advertising, a crucial characteristic for uncertain times. Like the Moores, businesses can easily control their budget, timeframe, and billboard locations. This helps businesses when they close, reopen, and adjust to the market.

This year, Mike and Kerri’s youngest son, Sean, graduated from high school. Although traditional graduation was not an option, the Moore family still scored that billboard slot for Sean. They  joined their community in finding out of the box ways to celebrate graduation this year. The faculty at Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School organized a lively parade of buses and cars to deliver yard signs to each senior. Blip is so glad to be a part of the way communities have adapted COVID-19.

Our Inspiration

On April 16th, Blip launched a graduation campaign to help families and schools honor 2020’s graduating class. While local news stations take note of Blip’s innovative use of digital billboards, Blip recognizes that the first line of innovation is our clientele. Mike and Kerri’s use of a digital billboard even before our graduation campaign speaks to the core of Blip’s mission in the advertising space: to help those who recognize the advantage of out-of-home advertising that is flexible, affordable, and revolutionary.

It was easy and affordable to run. It was only $50 a week, and I could control what specific times of day the graduation ad would display. I didn’t need it to run during school hours, but I could make sure people saw it when they were driving to school. The faculty at my son’s school thought it was the coolest idea!
Mike Moore
Proud father of a 2020 Graduate
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