Giving Burrell Travel the Power

Lowering Barriers to Entry in the World of Mass Communications

Burrell Travel, helps people plan the vacation of their dreams, from luxury cruises to adventurous getaways. However, COVID-19 has upended many industries, and the travel industry has been hit particularly hard. Some estimates put the loss of revenue in the travel industry at 910 billion dollars, a number that fluctuates as uncertainty continues. Regardless, the summer of 2020 will be like no other, as 82% of Americans have adjusted their travel plans due to COVID-19.

Our 2020 Reality

As a result, calls about booking travel to Ricky Burrell’s travel company dropped dramatically. Ricky reviewed Blip’s analytics page, where he could see the total number of impressions his Blip ad had throughout the day. He saw that his impressionsan estimated number of people who saw his billboardwere relatively constant. With this information, Ricky felt pausing his out-of-home advertising for the time being was in the company’s best interest. His Blip billboard was still getting attention, but COVID-19 changed market demand for his product. Recalibrating to market conditions was as easy as hitting the “pause” button on his campaign card. Ricky was able to adapt without calling anyone on the phone and without going through the hassle of negotiating a stop with his billboard advertisers. There was one less thing to worry about in the midst of a public health crisis that is rocking the economy.

Our Mission

Blip is proud to be a flexible option. But more importantly, Blip is proud to put the power directly in the hands of business owners. Ricky did not have to convince anyone that Burrell Travel needed to prioritize other expenses for the time being. While Blip is sad to see Ricky pause his campaign, we also recognize the value of our clients having the power to make decisions in their best interest, easily and efficiently. Starting his campaign again, in a post-coronavirus world, will be just as straightforward and uncomplicated.

Suspending my campaign was really easy, it only took one second, and I loved it! Blip is great in helping me respond to COVID-19. When things settle down with coronavirus, I hope to get a couple of more billboards up. You guys are terrific!
Ricky Burrell
Proud Owner of Burrell Travel
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