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Out Of The Box Thinking With Billboards

This Digital Marketing Agency Lands Their Biggest Client Yet


Flying V Group is a digital marketing agency headquartered in Southern California with offices also in Phoenix, Arizona. Flying V Group helps clients grow their online digital presence with services like website design and development, SEO, PPC advertising, and social media marketing/management. The team at Flying V Group used Blip to generate interest and start conversations about their agency.


Flying V group launched their campaign on a two-sided sign located between Phoenix and Tempe, Arizona. Their campaign included several design variations that supported the local NFL team, the Arizona Cardinals, to draft quarterback Kyler Murray with the first overall pick in the NFL’s highly publicized April draft.

The campaign tested both ad copy and website links. Their ad variations including ad copy like, “Draft Kyler,” “Draft Murray,” “5’10” > 3-13,” and “Life’s Too Short. Kyler’s Not.”  The different URLs used were,, and These URLs routed to pages with the following message:

“Flying V Group, like Kyler, is small but mighty. See what we did there? We can turn your biggest marketing challenge into your greatest marketing triumph. And remember – life’s too short. Kyler’s not.”


News Coverage This campaign received love from local news stations and publications such as AZCentral, USA Today, 12 News, and, which offered extreme value for the group from a brand awareness perspective. These stations, along with social media channels, shared the billboard images and the message of the ‘Draft Murray’ campaign and all of the traffic generated led right to the Flying V Group site.

Lead Generation From this campaign, Flying V Group landed one of their largest clients to date who committed to a year-long contract with this marketing group. The client saw this billboard and the associated news stories, and said, “This is the kind of out of the box thinking that I need for my business.”

"The beauty of Blip is that the platform combines traditional advertising with metric based digital advertising and control. Not only do you get the benefit of brand awareness and exposure, but you also have a unique opportunity to truly capture the attention of the viewers. Blip billboards are changing the game and leveling the playing field for small businesses looking to expand into outbound marketing and advertising!"
Robb Fahrion
Partner at Flying V Group
"Some people may say that billboards are outdated, too expensive, and don't allow you to fine-tune your demographic. Being a digital marketing agency, you would think we would agree, but with the power of viral social media trends and the affordability of Blip we were able to reach over 5 Million+ Online Impressions with a $100 Blip Campaign Budget!"
Brennan Smith
Partner at Flying V Group
  • Blips: 350
  • Campaigns: 2
  • Billboards: 1
  • Estimated Impressions: 9,268
  • Average cost per Blip: $0.33
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