Kimyon’s International

Boosting Brand Awareness With Blip

Kimyon’s International Increased Brand Recognition


Kimyon’s International is a natural hair care product line that has expanded into skincare. The product is sold both online, through their app,  and in existing retail locations like Macy’s and Happy Kat Candles and Gifts. Kimyon’s International’s goals with Blip are to gain name recognition, increase site/store visits, and boost product sales.


Kimyon’s International targeted 41 boards near Charlotte, NC and another 36 boards in and around Atlanta, GA since these are areas close to their retail store locations.

The design of their billboards featured the hair care product and where they could be purchased. For example, one sign showed images of the different hair products with their company URL and the retail location, Macy’s Lenox Square Mall. Kimyon’s International’s billboard advertising efforts are also accompanied by Facebook and Instagram paid advertising. By using billboard with her ongoing digital online advertising efforts, Kimyon International had noticeable changes to both overall sales and online conversions.


Dr. Joy K. Alston, the founder of Kimyon’s International, has seen a 252% increase of total sales since starting her billboard campaign with Blip. Along with increased sales, Dr. Alston has noticed an increase in recognition. To that, she mentioned, “I am most excited about the fact that people are excited about the brand. People have started mentioning, ‘I know that brand, it’s from the billboard.’”

“I couldn’t have asked for this to come at a better time. As the business grows, Blip allows you to grow—even if you’re small. I’m proud of what we’re doing. We started out low, but now we’re up to spending about $10/day. I love the fact that Blip gives the small business owner the opportunity to operate like a multibillion-dollar company in the marketing arena.”
Dr. Joy K. Alston
Kimyon's International Founder
  • Blips: 9,047
  • Billboards: 77
  • Estimated Impressions: 40,502
  • Average cost per Blip: $0.02
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